I am currently using csync2 2.0 to synchronize files between two
different computers. They are set up so they can reach each other and
duplicate the files as they should. The problem I get is that whenever a
file has been duplicated, it isn't removed from the dirty list. Running
csync2 manually produces a long list of files that is going to be tested
against the other computer. Every file fails with message:

Do not auto-resolve conflict: Lost 'younger/older' test.
File stays in dirty state. Try again later...

Running csync2 on the other computer produces the exactly same list with
the same errors.

Also deleting a file does not work as expected as csync2 re-creates it
on the computer during the next syncing. Deleting the file on both
computers solves the problem but not how csync2 handles the database of
dirty files.

Interestingly is that when csync2 2.0 sync with csync2 1.34, the dirty
table empties accordingly with message:

File is already up to date on peer.

It does not matter which computer I run csync2 on. It just works.
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