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Dear all,

I am researching options of setting up a folder sync and it seems now that the 
"%%" option (Manuel 3.4.5 - Actions) doesn't work. In the actions section, I 
want to run a script that chown's the synced files to a specific user/group. 
Here's my config:

     group knime


        host host-slt0110;

        host host-sld0102;

        key /apps/knime/csync2/csync2-dev.key;

        include /apps/knime/server/workspace/workflows/Generic;

        exclude *~ .*;



        pattern /apps/knime/server/workspace/workflows/*;

        exec "/apps/knime/csync2/set_perms.sh %%";

        logfile "/apps/knime/csync2/csync2_knime_action.log";


        auto younger;


Here is the triggered script:


# Chown KNIME folders after csync run

# Source env file to see what machine we execute on

. /apps/knime/csync2/serverDetector.env

# Check incoming arguments

if [[ $# -lt 1 ]]; then

        echo "There are no paths passed to script"

        exit 1


# Do the job

for i in $@; do

        chown -R $USER:$USER $i

        echo "File $i chowned"


As the sync is triggered, the script is executed, but it exits at the 
parameters check:


+ [[ 0 -lt 1 ]]

+ echo 'There are no paths passed to script'

There are no paths passed to script

+ exit 1

I've tried doing basic "echo file changed: %%", but that also doesn't work.

Why does that happen?

I am running csync2 version 1.34 (csync2-1.34-15.el6.src.rpm) on RHEL6 from the 

Appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Timofei Sablin

Systems Engineer

EPAM Systems, Russia

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