I've recently setup a csync cluster between 3 nodes and although the ring model works ok, it obviously fails when the middle server (node 2) is offline. Therefore I've been trying to get a working config that is something like this:

node1 => node2 + node3
node2 => node1 + node3
node3 => node1 + node2

So at least if node2 is offline, node1+node3 are still syncing.

Is this the best way to achieve this? using "master (slave)" pairs?

I ended up putting csync on all nodes in a cron every minute (lsync would crash occasionally) when csync returned errors.

I got lots of "Database is busy, sleeping a sec" errors, which I presumed was because csync was running at the same time on each node and causing db locks. So I staggered them, at 0, 20 and 40 sec in the minute which got rid of the "busy" errors.

However, occasionally I will get random files appear one one or more nodes owned by "root" with perms "rw" only for owner. This means standard users cannot access these files. I suspect that csync is somehow failing to set uid/gid/perms after the copy.

How can this happen?


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