In my case all of my synced nodes had the bad ownership. After changing the ownership back to the correct value on one node, csync correctly fixed it on the rest of the nodes, no problem.

In my case, the file with the bad ownership was one that was created by a web application. After discovering this problem, I caused the application to change the file again and the correct ownership was observed, so I don't think it's an application problem, at least not in my case.

Roland van Laar wrote:

Same here.
There isn't a pattern I could deduce.

The only weird thing that happened was that the root.root permissions
are on the host where the
file was put. So I didn't suspect csync, but the application doing the


On 17-07-17 15:01, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:

After years of reliable service, csync2 2.0 did exactly that for me just last week. One file suddenly owned by root.

On 17/7/17 10:32PM, Kevin Cackler wrote:

Funnily enough, we are also experiencing this issue with the root owned files. Randomly, and without any definable pattern, so far as we can tell, we'll get a file that suddenly is owned by root:root with rw permissions and we have to go in and correct the permissions. So far we haven't been able to nail down the cause of this.

Mark Hodge wrote:


I've recently setup a csync cluster between 3 nodes and although the
ring model works ok, it obviously fails when the middle server (node
2) is offline. Therefore I've been trying to get a working config that
is something like this:

node1 => node2 + node3
node2 => node1 + node3
node3 => node1 + node2

So at least if node2 is offline, node1+node3 are still syncing.

Is this the best way to achieve this? using "master (slave)" pairs?

I ended up putting csync on all nodes in a cron every minute (lsync
would crash occasionally) when csync returned errors.

I got lots of "Database is busy, sleeping a sec" errors, which I
presumed was because csync was running at the same time on each node
and causing db locks. So I staggered them, at 0, 20 and 40 sec in the
minute which got rid of the "busy" errors.

However, occasionally I will get random files appear one one or more
nodes owned by "root" with perms "rw" only for owner. This means
standard users cannot access these files. I suspect that csync is
somehow failing to set uid/gid/perms after the copy.

How can this happen?


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