On 15-08-17 21:12, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 07:00:23AM +0400, Vadim Abdulayev wrote:
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All command executed on node1.

After resync i receive wrong owner on node1.
On node2, i always have
correct owner and permission.

node2 is backup node. No one working there.
csync2 is push only.

according to you, you execute all commands on node1.
node1 then is the source.
node2 is the target.

Still, according to you,
the ownership on the source changes.

Which means either your report is inconsistent,
or we are talking about a different "csync2",
or "something else is going on".
Sorry to chime in so late.
This is exactly what I see happening as well.
Node1 and node2 both have crobjobs.
Both run at "*/15 * * * * "
Files are uploaded via the web to node1.
Sometime the source node1 will have the permissions changed to root.root.
Node2 will have the correct permission.
csync2 itself will never change ownership
(or anything else) on the source.
It will apply changes on the target,
to try to make the target look like the source.

Hope that helps you drilling down further.


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