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Version number: 4.26 2016-10-12
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Create glossaries and lists of acronyms

Announcement text:
* glossaries.sty:

    - added check for classicthesis.sty (if it's been loaded
      the default style is changed to "index" since the "list"
      style doesn't work with classicthesis.)

  * glossary-tree.sty:

    - new commands \glstreeitem, \glstreesubitem and
      \glstreesubsubitem provided for the "index" style
      to make the style easier to adjust.

    - replaced hard-coded \space with \glstreepredesc
      or \glstreechildpredesc for all glossary-tree styles
      except for the alttree* styles.

  * glossary-mcol.sty:

    - The "mcolindex" and "mcolindexspannav" styles
      use the new \glstreeitem, \glstreesubitem and
      \glstreesubsubitem provided by glossary-tree.sty.

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