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Version number: 3.7g 2018-04-04
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books

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From the README
Changed (2018/04/04)
o memoir v3.7g
-- is now using colorlinks hyperref option in the manual. We switched
it off year ago because some users were printing the
manual. Nowadays most is reading the manual online, and thus
colorlinks brings a better reading experience.
-- under hyperref \index{... |)} now also adds `|)hyperpage` to the
idx file. This is needed for xindy to process the idx
file. Makeindex does not seem to mind. Reported via private email.
-- added examples of the nine much overlooked \setpageXX macros, these
can be used instead of \settrimmedsize and \settrims to place a trimmed
page on the stock in nine often used configurations.
-- the way the class writes the pagesize to the output have been
rewritten and should now work with lualatex. Therefore we no longer
auto load the luatex85 package. We have also canceled \fixpdflayout
and \fixdvipslayout (they now just emit a warning)
-- the class will truncate certain layout lengths to a whole number of
point (e.g. \textwidth). This can now be disabled using the
fullptlayout class option, reported via
-- in as of the release of TeXLive 2018 \counterwithin/out will be
added to the LaTeX kernel, we changed our version to use
\providecommand accordingly
-- removed loading the mempatch.sty package, it has been empty for
many years
-- now requiring ifpdf, ifetex, ifxetex and ifluatex packages to exist.
Earlier we attempted to emulate them if missing, this does not make
sense any more
-- started adding "Recommended alternative" blocks to the
manual. These are just mentioning more modern alternatives to what
ever is mentioned in the manual. Fx using tcolorbox instead of the
buildin framed env. Suggestions are welcome (by email)
-- added \titlingpageend{}{} which can be used to set the clearing
code at the end of the titlingpage env.
-- clearified the interaction between 14pt and extrafontsizes options
-- updating the embedded array and tabularx copies fixes (an issue with bidi)
-- dumped the emulated date for delarray to 2014/10/28 (the code,
after the array update) is the same
-- fixed a bad interaction in \subbottom when the showkeys and
hyperref is loaded. Reported via
-- removed unnecessary \phansomsection from the thebiblipgraphy
setup. Reported via
-- added \nobreak to \@vslnumleft and @vslnumright (internal to
verse), reported via
-- added \phansomsection to \startnoteentrystart, otherwise \label in
\pagenote does not work correctly.
-- fixed a typo in \@listii where \itemsep is not pointing towards
\itemsepii, similar to the other \@listK macros.
-- fixed problem with \setfloatadjustment, font size changes did not
come through

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