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Version number: 1.16
License type: gpl3

Summary description: Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions

Announcement text:
- fixed bug #111 [fillbetween] strange behavior when `soft clip` is used and 
one of the paths touches the axis border
- fixed bug #183: Nan in the first line of a numeric table was interpreted as 
column name
- fixed bug #187 Wrong output from mod in axis
- fixed bug #109 `visualization depends on` doesn't work with table from 
pgfplotstable is now fixed for numeric values
- fixed bug: \pgfplotstablenew was unable to create tables with 0 or 1 rows.
- fixed bug: 114 fillbetween suffered from inaccuracy (produced invisible 
- fixed bug #139 [fillbetween] numerical issues with dense points
- fixed bug #153: \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=...] combined with fill between or
'set layers' resulted in a wrong bounding box
- \addplot gnuplot: autodetected unbounded coordinates
- new feature: parse tick positions using math parser (tracker #69)
- new feature: programmatic access to axis coordinates for given canvas 
coordinates (\pgfplotspointgetcoordinates, tracker 68)
- new feature: 'x filter/.append expression', a stackable variant of 'x 
1.15: bugfix release
- fixed regression: fpu caused forest library to fail as soon as one loads 
- fixed bug #149 : \edef{...\to...} was wrong and caused \pgfplotstablevertcat 
to fail
- usability: added support for \plotnum during \addplot
- fixed bug 134 [statistics] Histogram with custom `symbolic coords`
- fixed bug 140 (pgfplotstable read does not process empty rows anymore)
- fixed bug 150 Usage of \pgfkeysvalueof in xtick leads to 'Dimension too large'
- fixed bug 105 [manual] `xticklabel pos=upper` is not documented
in fact, some of the documented positions for 'xtick pos' where
- fixed bug 155 [groupplots] `scaled ticks` does not recognize `ticklabels at`
- fixed bug 160 `xticklabels` also used for `extra x tick labels` if they are 
not given explicitely
- implemented partial solution for bug 154 [log mode] sampling in 2D and 3D 
- fixed bug 163 [bar-chart] bars dissapear when values are >xmax/ymax
- fixed bug 81 cannot use dollar sign as 'comment char'
- fixed bug 91 Hashes in data
- fixed bug 165 [minor ticks] minor tick drawn after the last xtick
- fixed bug 176: 2d plot expression in 3d axis fails for lualatex
- new feature: 'contour filled' (compat=1.14)
- new feature: building colormaps from other colormaps (see "Building Colormaps 
based on other Colormaps" in the manual)
- new feature: non-uniform colormaps (compat=1.14)
- new feature: colormaps defined on position of arbitrary magnitude
- new feature: colorbar as legend
- new feature: 'colorbar style={xtick=data}' positions tick labels at colormap 
- fixed bug: pgfplots now handles incompatible changes of luatex
loading \usepackage{pgfplots} _before_ pgf also allows makes older
PGF versions compatible with luatex
- fixed bug: incompatibility between units + groupplots (bug 119)
- fixed bug: 'axis line shift' did not respect labels
- fixed bug: layers for axis lines were not respected
- fixed bug: two axes with fillbetween in the same picture failed due to clip 
paths on layers
- fixed bug: quiver plots with 'every arrow' failed to evaluate arrow tip 
length arguments
- fixed bug: \usepgfplotslibrary{colorbrewer}: colormap 'PuOr' was defined in 
reverse order

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