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Version number: 2.3.7 2018-04-08
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: A citation-style which covers rules of the German 
Archaeological Institute

Announcement text:
## v2.3.7 (2018-04-08) 

### *Added*
* New data-field `arachne = {}` to reference to the database iDAI.objects 
* Alias `matheseis` for `thesis` (for all Zotero-users) 
* field `eventdatelanguage`, you can get the date of the field `eventdate` in 
the chosen language, enable with

### *Changed*
* `inreferences=true` is now called `inreferencesasfullcite=true` due to better 
understanding of the option. There is a
*  `bibstrings` are defined in `archaeologie.bbx` now
* `editortype` is now used as `parens`
* `autolang=hyphen` now you can use `langid={}` to manage to language of an 

### *Fixed*
* better coding for the year delimiter (thanks to moewe!)

### *Deleted*
*  Version `initials` has to be deleted since its incompatibility to 
`biber`-version `2.11` see

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