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Version number: 0.2 2018-04-09
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: A build system for tex4ht

Announcement text:

- Added support for output format selection. Supported formats: html5 
(default), xhtml, odt.
- Added support for extensions. They can modify the build process or 
post-process the output files. They can be required from the command line, 
without need to create a build file.
- Added new filters which use the LuaXML DOM library.
- Added support for a `.make4ht` configuration file.
- Added functions for setting configuration values for extensions and filters.
- Extended documentation.
- Fixed lot of bugs.
New filters:
- mathjax-node-filter - support for precompiling MathML to HTML+CSS or SVG 
using MathJax-Node processor.
New DOM filters:
- aeneas - Aeneas is a tool for automagical synchronization of text and audio. 
This filter modifies the HTML code to support the synchronization.
- fixinlines - put all inline elements which are direct children of the <body> 
elements to a paragraph.
- idcolons - replace the colon (:) character in internal links and id 
attributes. They cause validation issues.
- joincharacters - join consecutive <span> or <mn> elements.
- latexmk - use Latexmk for laTeX compilation.
- tidy - clean the HTML files using the tidy command.
- common_filters - clean the output HTML files using filters.
- common_domfilters - Clean the HTML file using DOM filters. It is more 
powerful than common_filters . Used DOM filters are fixinlines, idcolons  and 
joincharacters .
- mathjaxnode - use mathjax-node-page filter to convert from MathML code to 


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