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Jim Hef{}feron
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Update summary:
  New with release 0.42:
   `makedoc.sty'   \small starting \mdPackageCode spoiled all 
                   documentations 2009/2010! (fixed);
                   \ResetCodeLineNumbers fixed
  `mdoccorr.cfg'  `<-' and `->' typeset arrows, `...' re-implemented
  `fifinddo.sty'   new macros \IfFDpreviousInputEmpty ("compression" 
                   of empty lines), \BasicNormalCatcodes, \CopyFile* 
                   (compress), \CopyLine, \StartPrependingChain 
                   (per-line jobs), documentation modified
  `niceverb.sty'   fixed `\ ' in auto mode; 
                   \ctanpkgref moves to `texlinks.sty'; 
                   additions in introduction
   `makedoc.cfg'   loads `hypertoc.sty' and `texlinks.sty'
  -- dedicated to my sister for her birthday!

Basic package information, as sent by the contributor.
Location: /macros/latex/contrib/nicetext
Author: Uwe Lück
License: lppl
Caption: Minimal markup for simple text (Wikipedia style) and
Description: Nicetext bundle offers “minimal” markup syntax for various
  simple kinds of text.  The code you type should involve little more
  than is printed, and you still get LaTeX quality.

   The bundle provides four packages:

      *'wiki' addresses general texts, marked up in the simple style
  used on Wikipedia;

      *'niceverb' is yet another means of documenting LaTeX packages: it
  offers syntax-aware typesetting of meta-variables (macro arguments)
  and for referring to commands (and their syntax) in footnotes, section
  titles etc.;

      *'fifinddo' aims to parse plain text or (La)TeX files using TeX,
  and to write the results to an external file.  This generalises the
  philosophy behind docstrip: the package aims at practical application,
  and is used by

      *'makedoc', which provides the means to typeset package files.

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