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Announcement text: 
* Update of the manual.
* Added driver files for dvips and xelatex. Moved pdftex driver code to own 
* Fixed and improved default unit code for the `calc` option.
* Changed \adjustimage code to use internals of \includegraphics. This allows 
the redefinition of \includegraphics.
* Added manual for `bgcolor` and added `bgcolor*`.
* Changed `bgimage` to use `\adjustimage`.
* Added manual entries for `cfbox` and `cframe`.
* Removed loading of non-mandatory `storebox` package for now.
* Added `set vsize`.
* Added shortcuts `rlap` and `llap`.
* Added \adjincludegraphics and the Export option.
* Fix for `innerenv` argument.
* Added lengths \Width, \Height, \Depth and \Totalheight for the original 
dimensions of the content.
* Added own raisebox variant to support math expressions even for 
* Some code cleanup.
* Added `varwidth` key as an alternative to `minipage`.
* Added \stackbox and `stack` key and `stackbox` environment (similar to 
* Added check for xcolor package.

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