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Summary description: Update of the bgteubner document class for publishing at 
Springer Vieweg (former names Vieweg+Teubner and B.G. Teubner)
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
Update of the class bgteubner, mainly bug fixes and adaption to the new name of 
the publisher. Changes since version 1.35:

2012/04/07 v2.02  Harald Harders (harald.hard...@gmx.de)
- Adapted to Springer Vieweg Verlag

2011/12/29 v2.01  Harald Harders (harald.hard...@gmx.de)
- Only define \subtitle if not present already
- Fix later redefinition of \d for usage in math mode
- Added macro \emphindex for important index entryies

2008/05/04 v2.00  Harald Harders (harald.hard...@gmx.de)
- Adapted to Vieweg+Teubner Verlag

2008/04/27 v1.40  Harald Harders (harald.hard...@gmx.de)
- Adapted \signature for multiline texts

2008/04/15 v1.39  Harald Harders (harald.hard...@gmx.de)
- Indentation after the preface title fixed

2006/04/20 v1.38  Harald Harders (harald.hard...@gmx.de)
- Bug in BibTeX styles (format.crossref.editor) fixed

2005/10/31 v1.37  Harald Harders (h.hard...@tu-bs.de)
- Typeset abbreviated forenames with small space between them.
- Add new BiBTeX style with abbreviated forenames and long keywords.

2005/10/28 v1.36  Harald Harders (h.hard...@tu-bs.de)
- Fix bug using crossref with books in biliography.
- Fix sorting problem in the biliography.
- Introduce \btxlastname for formatting lastnames.

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