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Summary description: KOMA-Script a versatile LaTeX2e bundle
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KOMA-Script is a versatile bundle of LaTeX2e document classes and packages. It 
aims to be a replacement to the standard LaTeX2e classes. KOMA-Script does not 
stop with the features known from the standard classes, but it extends the 
possibilities in order to provide the user an almost complete working 

Classes at KOMA-Script: scrartcl (article class), scrbook (book class), scrdoc 
(internal), scrguide (internal), scrlettr (obsolete), scrlttr2 (letter class), 
scrreprt (report class).

Packages at KOMA-Script: scraddr (handling of address files), scrbase (basic 
features for class and package authors, e.g, key-value-options), scrdate (e.g., 
name of the day), scrextend (provides some KOMA-Script features for users of 
other classes), scrfontsizes (developer help package to generate font size 
files), scrhack (beta, improves some other packages), scrjura (beta, writing 
laws, contracts etc.), scrkbase (sub-package used by KOMA-Script classes and 
packages), scrlfile (manipulations while loading files, packages or classes), 
scrpage (obsolete), scrpage2 (configuration and definition of page styles), 
scrtime (output of current time), scrwfile (minimize usage of write handles; 
cloning of helper files), tocbasic (easy generation and handling of table of 
contents and lists of floats), tocstyle (alpha), typearea (professional type 
area and borders for ordinary persons).

Main documentation files: scrguide.pdf (German), scrguien.pdf (English), 
scrhack.pdf (English), scrjura.pdf (German), tocstyle.pdf (English).

For a detailed list of changes see <http://www.komascript.de/release> (in 
german) or <http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4307> 
English) or simply the ChangeLog inside the bundle. 


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