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Summary description: easily customizable TOCs
License type: lppl

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  1. With previous versions, macros such as \l@section
  recovered their standard meanings only in compatibility mode
  at the time of typesetting TOCs. With this version, it is
  the opposite: macros such as \l@section or \l@subsection
  have throughout the document their standard meanings, which
  means that they can be customized (even if no package has
  added to them customizing hooks) and that the compatibility
  mode of etoc will obey this.

  2. The .toc file is now read into memory at the time of
  \usepackage{etoc} and it is opened for write operation at
  the first TOC typesetting command. Prior, both happened at
  the \begin{document}. 

  3. The commands added by the package to the .toc file are
  declared to the external world to do nothing. Hence some
  other package can also load the .toc file (this must happen
  before the first typeset TOC) and execute its contents.
  (related to the point 2 above.)

  4. A number of superfluous \global's and a few \gdef's,
  which were left-overs from the war against bugs in the
  developing stages of the code, were removed.

  5. The documentation has been updated and improved. An
  unclear statement about secnumdepth has been corrected.


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