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Summary description: Multilingual support for Plain TeX or LaTeX
License type: lppl

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This is the second beta release of babel 3.9. The main aims of
this version are to fix bugs (there were lots) and to add basic
support for xetex and luatex.

Here is a list of most of the new and extended macros:
-- \usershorthands* is like \useshorthands but it makes sure
    shorthands are always activated.
-- \defineshorthands can be used to (re)define system and
    language shorthands, and a new level for language-dependent
    user shorthands is added, which takes precedence over "normal"
    user shorthands.
-- \shorthandoff* restores the original catcode or definition
    (useful with ~ and ^).
-- \AfterBabelLanguage sets code to be executed at the end
    of the corresponding ldf file.
-- \babelhyphen inserts a hyphen (soft, hard, nobreak...).
-- \babelhyphenation is like \hyphenation but for all
   languages or specific ones (lccode changes are taken
   into account).
-- \AddBabelHook sets code to be executed at some "events"
    (\EnableBabelHook and \DisableBabelHook control them).
-- \StartBabelCommands, \SetString, and a few more, may be
   used to define encoding dependent captions (eg, utf8 for
   xetex and luatex)

New package options:
-- shorthands sets which language/system shorthands are
-- safe sets if bib and/or ref macros are redefined.
-- config sets a different config file.
-- main sets the main language.
-- headfoot sets the language in heads and foots.
-- noconfigs: .cfg files are not loaded.
-- showlanguages prints to the log file the languages
-- math sets the behaviour of shorthands in math mode
    in the format.

I hope the final version will be available by March/April.


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