i have installed v3.26 of the faq on ctan, and on the faq web processor
at http://www.tex.ac.uk/faq

there are several minor improvements and corrections (see summary list
below) but nothing, i think, that's particularly important.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team
Changes since version 3.25

New answers:
 +Label expl3-old:   package needs a newer LaTeX 3 harness
 +Label latex3-prog: learning LaTeX 3 programming
 +Label repeat-num:  repeat an operation a given number of times
 +Label repeat-set:  repeat an operation for each element of a set
 +Label whatenv:     brief outline of what environments are

Relabelled answers:

Revised answers:
 +Label acrobat:     [tidying layout]
 +Label archives:    largely rewritten for "new" archive arrangements
 +Label chapbib:     show biblatex-based approach
 +Label codelist:    more on use of minted package
 +Label complist:    clarified description of "what's going on"
 +Label cmdstar:     clarified use of LaTeX 3, here
 +Label conditional: suggest stampinclude for rapid (partial) compilation
 +Label ctan:        revised following recent changes to archive access
 +Label dolldoll:    elaborated "reasons" from a tex.stackexchange answer
 +Label dpfloat:     describe use of caption package for the job
 +Label drawing:     reword text about PGF/TikZ
 +Label extsizes:    describe use of scrextend package for document font sizes
 +Label ftncapt:     clarify example
 +Label hyphenaccents: the "future" (unicode hyphenation tables) is here!
 +Label ltxcmds:     more detail of the latexdef application
 +Label latexqual:   add a proviso about l2tabu/nag
 +Label make:        add recommendation for arara
 +Label man-latex:   Nicola Talbot's stuff has moved to a new web site
 +Label minxampl:    discuss support packages
 +Label nofm:        suggest zref-lastpage
 +Label oddpage:     suggest the ifoddpage package
 +Label patch:       describe the regexpatch package
 +Label pkgdoc:      mention the site texdoc.net, miktex mthelp
 +Label pdftexgraphics: mention pdftricks2
 +Label psfchoice:   update mathdesign outline, add newtx and garamondx
 +Label readML:      Context can do the job (rather well, one understands ;-)
 +Label readtex:     suggest asking for a PDF instead ;-)
 +Label spell:       update, add recommendation for (exptl) spelling package
 +Label struttab:    removed internal macros in example of cellspace
 +Label symbols:     rearrange, and mention unicode maths symbol table
 +Label tocloft:     mention new (straightforward) etoc package
 +Label uploads:     rewritten for the (new) archive arrangements
 +Label vertspacefloat: moved to a new location in question list
 +Label virtualfonts: change question "title" to be a question
 +Label xetex:       change question "title" to match other projects' titles,
                     redo answer, based on a tex/sx post 

Deleted answers:
 <none removed>

Web interface, etc.:
 The "default archive" (used in links from answers) is now mirror.ctan.org
   (i.e., it's not an archive, but a selector of a mirror of the archive)

Robin Fairbairns
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