For the LaTeX Project, Frank Mittelbach submitted an update to the

                LaTeX tools bundle

License type: lppl1.3
Version number: multicol  1.8i

Summary description: The LaTeX standard tools bundle.

Announcement text:

This update contains code fixes to multicol (from v1.8g to v1.8i) see
change-log below. This should be installed as multicols* is not working
correctly in the current version!

In addition it contains documentation updates for various files,
correcting typos found by Karl Berry. No version changes (only date
changes) to those packages as the code is unchanged.

2014-10-28    <>

        * multicol.dtx: In \end{multicols*} only add vertical space if
          not doing already doing \raggedcolumns and add \null to hide
          the final fill if added so that it doesn't get removed again.

2014-10-28    <>
        * afterpage.dtx, array.dtx, bm.dtx, calc.dtx, dcolumn.dtx,
        delarray.dtx, enumerate.dtx, ftnright.dtx, hhline.dtx,
layout.dtx, longtable.dtx, multicol.dtx, showkeys.dtx, tabularx.dtx,
        theorem.dtx, trace.dtx, varioref.dtx, verbatim.dtx, xspace.dtx

        Fixed typos found by Karl Berry in documentation (no version
        number change)

2014-09-12    <>

        * multicol.dtx: change ragged columns to not just fill the
        column but also back up by \maxdepth if they otherwise become
        overfull as adding glue at the bottom means the column will
        never have any depth and before they had. (pr/4395)

        \maxdepth is applied to all column boxes. That was initially not
        necessary as \splitmaxdepth was doing the trick. However, the
        moment those boxes get reboxed this information is lost and
        resulted in some subtle errors. (pr/4395)

        Suppress even really bad overfull warnings while looping


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