The LaTeX Project submitted an update to the

             graphics bundle.

Version date: 2014-11-07
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Standard LaTeX graphics

Announcement text:

 Minor documentation changes in various files. No version number
 changes (only date changes) except for graphics.dtx which went
 from v1.0o to v1.0p because the typo was in an error message
 (i.e. code).

 From the change log:

 2014-11-07 Joseph Wright <>

        * Rename 00readme.txt to README
          (named README.txt in the development repository)

 2014-10-28    <>

        * drivers.dtx, graphics.dtx, graphicx.dtx, keyval.dtx,
          Fixed typos in documentation found by Karl Berry.

 2014-10-14    <>

              * graphics.dtx: Fixed typo in error message.


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