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Version number: 1.4
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: A fork of imakeidx to fixe one bug with bidi

Announcement text:

           This package is a fork of the imakeidx package. The original
authors of imakeidx were Claudio Beccari and Enrico Gregorio; the first
author withdrew his availability as a maintainer in 2013. The second
author declined some upgrade suggestions  to remove some
incompatibilities with certain packages that are particularly important
with critical editions dealing with languages that are being written
from right to left. Therefore this fork, named indextools, was created
by Maïeul Rouquette, who acknowledges the work of the two preceding
authors thanking them for the excellent package they created;
nevertheless this fork was necessary in order to let other users
benefit from its functionalities very useful in the field of humanities.

 We hope that one day, only one package will be provided.
 The differences with the imakedix are:
- the name;
- the compatibility with package bidi;
- the documentation.

 A strange conflict was discovered between packages imakeidx and bidi,
 in order to let hyperref redefine some internal macros so as to have
 index hyperlinks properly executed. This implies that the "index"
 package be loaded before hyperref; on the opposite bidi (for
 bidirectional writing, needed for typesetting Arabic and Hebrew
 scripts, among other ones) must be loaded after hyperref and redefines
 some hyper commands that have influence on the indexing package;
 therefore after loading bidi the previous redefinitions are lost. A
 solution was found by modifying the definition of the environment
 theindex and delaying its definition to the execution of
 \begin{document}. This is the main reason of this fork so that
 indextools may be loaded, as most packages normally do, before


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