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Version number: 1.08 2015-03-10
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Completely customisable TOCs.

Announcement text:

\etocskipfirstprefix may now appear anywhere in the part of a level

  New commands \etociffirst, \etocxiffirst, \etocxifnumbered.

  It is now possible to issue line style specifications directly with &
  and \\ tokens, in order to typeset a TOC as a tabular or longtable
  with the opening for example in the first argument of \etocsettocstyle
  and the closing in its second argument.

  It is mandatory for such uses to issue \etocglobaldefs which tells
  etoc to proceed globally for certain definitions. This is also useful
  in the context of the inline environments of package enumitem.

  On this occasion, various old parts of the code have been improved.

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