-Caveat Lector-

I would like to make one other comment on this issue, that I inadvertently
asked Kris to scan for us without thinking.  There definitely is at least one
thing that we can do to keep issues before the public eye and hopefully cause
some things to be brought into the light of day, and that is to support
magazines like Steamshovel Press by buying it and spreading the word so that
it will stay in production.  I used to subscribe to it back before the printer
problems and was greatly impressed with it's content and am sure that Kenn has
kept up the same level of writing.  I have all of my magazines still and often
refer back to them.  Kenn please post the address and subscription information
again, and tell us if any back issues are available.
PS How is the Maury Island book thing going?  Did you get any good info. on
Crissman (sp?)?  I will definitely buy the book when I see it in the store.

CTRL is a discussion and informational exchange list. Proselyzting propagandic
screeds are not allowed. Substanceónot soapboxing!  These are sordid matters
and 'conspiracy theory', with its many half-truths, misdirections and outright
frauds is used politically  by different groups with major and minor effects
spread throughout the spectrum of time and thought. That being said, CTRL
gives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and always suggests to readers;
be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no credeence to Holocaust denial and
nazi's need not apply.

Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.

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