-Caveat Lector-

I'd like to ask CTRL readers to please delete and erase this article and not circulate
it to other groups or lists. This is the cover story of the current hard-copy
magazine. It's important to the survival of Steamshovel that it isn't tossed all
around the net. I know the good intentions of the person who scanned it, but
Steamshovel already has the intended publicity advantage--I even posted a part of the
Pettie interview that doesn't appear in the issue for the benefit of CTRL readers.


CTRL is a discussion and informational exchange list. Proselyzting propagandic
screeds are not allowed. Substanceónot soapboxing!  These are sordid matters
and 'conspiracy theory', with its many half-truths, misdirections and outright
frauds is used politically  by different groups with major and minor effects
spread throughout the spectrum of time and thought. That being said, CTRL
gives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and always suggests to readers;
be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no credeence to Holocaust denial and
nazi's need not apply.

Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.

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