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There is now no doubt that Volume II of the CIA Inspector General's
investigation of Contra Drug trafficking is a part of the impeachment
calculus. Various sources are reporting on the net that Bill Clinton is
threatening to bring down the entire government with Volume II hearings
which are supposed to occur within the next three weeks. As described in the
October and November issues of my newsletter From The Wilderness,
Volume II, released October 8th is a virtual confession by
the CIA that it criminally conspired, with premeditation, to traffic in
cocaine during the Contra war.


>From Linda: Here are a few excerpts I found interesting:

1074.    The analyst who drafted a Memorandum for Vice President Bush in
April 1986 that related to potential Contras' involvement in drug
trafficking recalls that OGI analysts who worked on counternarcotics issues
were not aware of those reports at the time--October to December 1984--that
they were first disseminated inside and outside the Agency. However, she
says that CATF Chief Fiers did make the reporting available to her in April
1986, stipulating that it could be used only for the Memorandum she was
preparing for Vice President Bush.


1081.    CIA only disseminated three finished intelligence products during
the 1980s that related at all to potential Contra involvement in narcotics
trafficking. These were: (i) a 1985 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)
concerning the international narcotics trade; (ii) an April 1986 Memorandum
for Vice President George Bush; and (iii) the January 1987 Memorandum from
Acting DCI Robert Gates to Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and
Research Morton Abramowitz.

1084.    1986 Memorandum for Vice President Bush. On April 6, 1986, a
Memorandum entitled "Contra Involvement in Drug Trafficking" was prepared by
CIA at the request of Vice President Bush. The Memorandum provided a summary
of information that had been received in late 1984 regarding the alleged
agreement between Southern Front Contra leader Eden Pastora's associates and
Miami-based drug trafficker Jorge Morales. Morales reportedly had offered
financial and aircraft support for the Contras in exchange for FRS pilots to
"transship" Colombian cocaine to the United States. CIA disseminated this
memorandum only to the Vice President.

1085.    The DI/OGI analyst who drafted the Memorandum says that there was
no follow-up. Furthermore, the analyst recalls no further DI discussion of
the Contras' alleged involvement in drug trafficking until the Memorandum
that was written for Assistant Secretary of State Abramowitz in 1987.

1086.    1987 Memorandum for Abramowitz. The most comprehensive discussion
of alleged Contra narcotics trafficking was included in a January 21, 1987
Memorandum from Acting DCI Robert Gates to DoS Assistant Secretary for
Intelligence and Research Morton Abramowitz. The genesis of this Memorandum,
entitled "Assessment of Alleged Connections Between Drug Traffickers and
Anti-Sandinista ('Contra') Groups," was a January 9, 1987 memorandum from
Abramowitz to then-Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Gates indicating
that Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams had expressed concern about
the possible involvement of Contras in narcotics trafficking and had
requested an Intelligence Community study "on an urgent basis." The
memorandum from Abramowitz indicated that Abrams wanted the study "to pull
together all foreign and domestically-generated information that is
available, rumors and all, and provide an assessment of the credibility of
the charges." Further, the memorandum to Gates indicated:

The Assistant Secretary believes that it is essential that we know before
the rest of the world if any of those whom we have funded are engaged in
this business so that they can be expelled from the ranks of the resistance.

1100.    According to a May 7, 1986 MFR prepared by Louis Dupart of CATF,
CIA representatives met with Richard Messick, Chief Counsel of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC), on May 7, 1986. Messick reportedly
called the meeting to "permit members of Senator [John] Kerry's staff to
outline in greater detail information which they had uncovered that pointed
to violations of U.S. law"--primarily related to the activities of John
Hull. According to this MFR, William Perry of the SFRC staff, Charles
Andreae of Senator Richard Lugar's staff, and Ronald Rosenblith, Jonathan
Winer and Dick McCall from Senator Kerry's staff represented the Congress.
CIA was represented by John Rizzo, OCA Legislative Affairs Chief; George
Jameson, Counsel to the DDO; and Louis Dupart, CATF Policy and Plans Chief.
DoS was represented by William Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
for Inter-American Affairs; Ambassador Duemling, Director/NHAO; and a
representative from the DoS Office of the Legal Advisor. Representatives
from Justice, FBI, and DEA also attended. The Dupart MFR concluded that:

1101.    . . . Overall, the meeting was not fruitful. Kerry's Staffers were
unwilling to provide details or identify their sources. Without this
information it was impossible to meaningfully rebut the allegations that
have been made of violations of U.S. law.

1101.    According to a May 8, 1986 MFR written by a CATF officer, she,
Rizzo, Dupart, and David Pearline, met with SFRC Chief Counsel Messick again
that day to continue discussions about Senator Kerry's investigation:

Messick feels that Kerry's staff sandbagged him by not providing all of the
relevant correspondence. He noted that he had received a letter written by
the U.S. Attorney in San Francisco that refuted the [drug] charges that
members of the [Contras] had been involved in drug smuggling.
The MFR also noted discussions in this meeting regarding the nature of the
information that American journalists Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey had to
support their allegations of murder, attempted murder and drug smuggling and
the relationship of their witnesses to the Kerry investigation. According to
the MFR, Messick said that:

[Senator] Kerry called Senator Lugar on 7 May . . . to request a five day
hearing on his allegations . . . . Lugar was apparently not sympathetic and
told Kerry that he will have time to air his information but will not have
five days of hearings on his allegations alone. Messick said the hearing
will be in early June and will probably be two morning sessions.

1102.    Additionally, the May 8, 1986 MFR stated that Messick was told that
the FBI had "extensive information on the people who had been interviewed by
Kerry's staff . . . . " Dupart reportedly told Messick that "[Dupart] could
not discuss in detail the information provided by the Bureau" and that
Messick "would have to go to the Bureau for the details." The MFR stated
that the meeting lasted one hour and a half and "at the end it was agreed
that we would keep in touch."

1103.    An August 1, 1986 MFR from Dupart to CATF Chief Fiers and the LA
Division Chief recorded a July 9, 1986 meeting with HPSCI Staff member Mike
O'Neil on John Hull. According to the MFR, the meeting was held in CATF
Chief Fiers' office. Dupart wrote in his MFR that Fiers noted that:

We have no information of Hull having been involved in violations of U.S.
law. Further, since we are not a law enforcement agency, we have not
collected or sought any information on this. Consequently, while it is
possible that Hull had in fact violated the law, we have no knowledge of any
violations. We would have reported them to the Department of Justice per
standard Agency procedures.
The MFR further stated that, in response to other questions from O'Neil,
Fiers said that Pastora had voluntarily renounced his role as a resistance

1104.    A March 5, 1987 MFR written by OCA's Robert Buckman indicated that
Fiers and the ALA Deputy Director briefed SSCI members and staff concerning
Nicaragua that same day. The MFR noted that those attending the briefing had
been informed that "the BOS risked losing its U.S. aid if it did not fully
sever its ties with Adolfo "Popo" Chamorro" because of his possible
involvement in drug dealing.


1112.    A December 22, 1987 letter from DCI Webster to Senator Kerry of the
SFRC stated that Webster:

. . . welcomed the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your concerns
about John Hull and your request for assistance in the Subcommittee's
narcotics investigation. This is the kind of open and unencumbered exchange
that I believe we must have between the Agency and Congress.
The Webster letter also stated that:

Concerning John Hull, I can assure you that he is not receiving any support
from the Agency, and we have no reason to believe that any other element of
the United States Government is supplying such support. As you will recall,
you were briefed on John Hull on 15 October 1986 following the Hasenfus
crash. My staff is prepared to provide you with an update if you wish.
The Webster letter also stated that Webster wanted to assure Senator Kerry
"once again that you will enjoy this Agency's fullest possible cooperation
during the course of the Subcommittee's investigation."

1140.    Current DCI George Tenet recalls that the SSCI held quarterly
hearings on certain CIA activities while he was serving as an SSCI Staff
member and Staff Director. Additionally, Tenet recalls that Senator Bill
Bradley was personally interested in Nicaragua, received weekly or biweekly
briefings on Nicaraguan covert action matters and regularly met with CATF
Chief Alan Fiers and other U.S. Government policy officials regarding
Nicaragua. Tenet does not, however, recall any briefings of the SSCI by
Fiers concerning allegations of Contra involvement in narcotics trafficking.

1141.    James Dykstra, former Minority Staff Director for the SSCI, says
that biweekly briefings regarding the Contras were held at the request of
Senator Bill Bradley who was the only Senator who regularly attended these
briefings. Dykstra recalls that the Agency initially resisted the biweekly
briefings and recorded transcripts, but ultimately agreed. Dykstra says
that, in retrospect, it was good that Senator Bradley insisted on
transcripts so issues were placed on the record. Dykstra recalls that Fiers
also regularly briefed the SSCI Staff.

Richard B. Still

L. Britt Snider
Inspector General

Date 10/8/98


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