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From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Frater Caeruleus)
Date: Sat, Jan 9, 1999 10:54 AM
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To all concerned:

Sam Moser has become an easy target for you to "kook" -- almost a
parody of such types.  Yet there are a few dynamics at play here we
would all do well to examine more closely and objectively.

Not unlike John "Val Valerian" Grace and his Magnum Opus, the Leading
Edge Research Site at www.trufax.org, Sam has assembled a great many
pieces of the puzzle into a fairly homogenous (i.e. "corresponding in
structure because of a common origin"), cogent synthesis which centers
on the notions of a Valleean "control system" equipped with various
tentacles which exists almost hydra-like behind the scenes of our
conscious awareness; our ever-so-fragile consensus reality.

>From FEMA to fluoridation; from aspartame to aliens; from Masons (i.e.
Frere Macons) to Machiavellianism, Sam has cobbled together a
remarkably poignant and robust synthesis which forces us all to
reexamine what remains hidden from our conscious awareness in
surprisingly plain sight.

And we laugh at him and call him a "nut."

Yet only because there is too much truth in it all -- it makes us
nervous and unsettled and, like little children out on the schoolyard,
we deprecate him because he causes us to see those things about
ourselves and our "reality" which we would rather pretend do not

The scientologist Ingo Swann coined a most intriguing phrase in
regards to PSI/RV stuff.  When anot quite fit into the viewer's own perceptual
there is a strong temptation to reconstruct the data and mash it into
a box which makes more "psense" to us.  He termed this tautological
perceptual artifact "analytical overlay."

And what a remarkably poignant phrase, that!

When we perceive otherdimensional intelligences, for example, we
simply cannot understand them so we dress them in our own preferred
costumes of analytical overlay, calling them Martians or Zeta
Reticulans or other such nonsense, simply because of our own latter
20th century cultural inculcation.

And when confronted with exceptionally clever non-human intelligences
which introduce new metaprogramming; new memes into our perceptual
matrices, we cannot admit to ourselves the entities are -- as Brother
McKenna so astutely remarked -- "not only stranger than we currently
imagine but stranger than we currently CAN imagine."  No, such
admissions are simply out of the question to us more "rational" types
so we hastily sweep them under the rug, hoping against hope that we
can shield the sight not only from others but from ourselves as well.

For it is far too uncomfortable for us to admit there may be others
about who -- in their fourth, fifth or sixth density levels of reality
-- are as far advanced above us as we third density types are advanced
above second density animals or first density rocks or trees on the
scale of "density"-based consciousness.

So we play the silly game of "skepticism."  TRUE skepticism maintains
an untainted objectivity when confronting the inexplicable.  Yet we
are not truly skeptics in the pure sense of the definition.  In fact,
as an almost absurd caricature of skeptics, we've reduced ourselves to
playing Paranormal Policeman; immediately arresting and incarcerating
anyone who challenges our fundamental perceptions of the nature of

        "So, anyway, you know good and well,
         it would be beyond the will of God...
         and the grace of the king."
        -Brother Jimi, _Electric Ladyland_

Some in these groups are keenly aware of the interstitial analogues at
play.  For every Outer Order, there is an Inner Order; for every
exterior level of Initiation, there is an ethereal counterpart, etc.

"There is a feeling that I get in the course of my investigations
 of being in the presence of a form of consciousness that is truly
 remarkable.  That consciousness has a great sense of absurdity,
 and also a great sense of humor.  The bottom line is that I feel
 that I've learned something out of this whole exercise, and as
 long as I'm continuing to learn something I'm going to continue
 to do it."
-Frater Jacques Vallee, Brotherhood of Galactic Science

Yet not unlike a freeway, there are a multitude of "offramps" along
the way -- offramps which inevitably tempt us all on our various
initiatory paths.  When we are too shaken; too disturbed to carry on
along the path, we seek the refuge of a "rest stop" which offers some
of the amenities that connect us back to a simpler time; a time before
we were so rudely awakened to what Col. Do Ware has seminally termed
the "larger reality."

And so we sit in our overheated vehicles, drinking in the scenic view
at the rest stop; and slamming a couple cold ones, perhaps, to gird
our loins for the remainder of the journey.  We sit idly by in these
occasional detours, drenching ourselves with analytical overlay in a
futile attempt to comfort our troubled consciousness, yet the farther
we've proceeded down the path, the more irrelevant and inconsequential
our former comforts become.

And we psee (PSI + sight) almost in disgust that we can no longer in
good conscience abide at these way-stations provided solely for our
comfort, at the expense of our edification.  So we turn the key, start
the engine, and proceed to the onramp, to pick up precisely where we
left off before our own fears compelled us to take the damn offramp in
the first place.

We learn from it and move on.

Yet the further we progress, the easier it is to shed such culturally
inculcated and reinforced memes -- such absurd notions as "Martians
flying around in space ships" or "guvmint mindcontrol black ops" or
"Freemasonic Illuminati Bilderberg CFR Tri-Lats."  For such indeed are
little more than artifacts of our desperate attempts to remain in
blissful ignorance via our terrified wielding of the protective
mechanics of analytical overlay.

Yet some of us -- SOME of us -- remember how to laugh at the Universal
Joke, whilst simultaneously weeping o'er the Universal Sorrow, while
on deeper, more subtle levels of awareness we neither laugh nor weep.

Nor do we mean what we say.

Obscuris Vera Involvens*, etc.;

-Fratre Caeruleus, B:.B:.
 3.9311418 Density Entity
 Sublime Lodge of the Blue Brethren
 Sacerdotal Knights of National Security
"Where Adamski meets Crowley at Langley"

[* = Obscuris Vera Involvens = "shrouding truth in obscurity."]

Aloha, He'Ping,
Om, Shalom, Salaam.
Em Hotep, Peace Be,
Omnia Bona Bonis,
All My Relations.
Adieu, Adios, Aloha.
Roads End

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