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Hammond's Chateau on the Lake) (Right, SW Branson)(Upper Right, Lawrence
Welk Theater)

The information at this Site and it's links attempt to display the very
numerous ways that "Connected" people and entities acquire property that
they have chosen to develop. It is not important to the people at the
top of these organizations what their underlings do as long as the goals
are met.

If you would like some music while you read, select one of these
melodies. All of them have a significance to those who are participating
in this series of interelated programs. The names of the songs are in
the continuing sections of information, where you may select them again.

Selection # 1    Selection # 2   Selection # 3      Selection # 4
    Selection # 5     Selection # 6

Don Adams Death--ArkMo1-and occurances even more directly aimed our way
have at times affected our sense of urgency to get our message out to as
many people as possible.

We have been informed that some that did not totally grasp our situation
here, saw and read parts that caught their attention because something
similar was occuring near them--Something like a New Highway going "To
Nothing, From Nothing". But then "Surprise! There's a new major
Development announced shortly after the Highway Project is commenced.
Just Makes Sense, Doesn't It? Why waste a Perfectly Good Highway?

This is just the Visible Part of it. Probably most of us that weren't
directly affected by the route of the new highway would just say "Well,
That's Progress".

What is brought out in this extremely complex program that is at this
site is how those that stand to benefit in Immense Measure will stop at
nothing to acquire all of the Property that they Covet for their

They have made plans in exact detail and any disruptions to their
timetable are handled in increasingly severe manner. Money is at stake!

The Connections to the Known "Whitewater" are at these links---WW12--Joe
Carter, Perry Co. Bank Official. ---WW13 --Richard Massey, Rose Law

Then follow their names into a lawsuit here in Federal Court to take a
young couples property and home in their plan to acquire all property
for a planned Major Development.

If you want a Preview of the Political Players in this browse thru this
info., It is linked several times later, also--Some of the Politicians

The Format that we will follow in this distribution of data is to List
General Categories with relevant info. in each category. There will be
additional explanatory Narrative at the beginning of each Topic.  They

Lawsuit--  The Cast Of Characters--This is what gave the program away.
They probably won't do that again!

Intimidation-- Intimidation --Just to convince you that you really don't
want to stay in your home any more.

Mail Interception--Mail --Buy a few Key People and get all the info. you

Phones-- Phone Problems --The same as above!

Morris, Gaylord, Disney--The Trio  (temporary links)Why Branson?
SWEETDEAL--This contains a link that helps explain how it all works.At
least the sham real estate deals portion.

Highroad (Hyway Project)--(temporary link)Basic HighRoad Info.--The
HighRoad --Involves a Senator (Gov. then) that will suprise most folks.

Casino-- CASINO --Another whole Group (Mob) participating. But somehow
still tied to the Main Players.(must be enough to go around for
everyone) Who Co-Ordinates big operations like this that involve so many
politicians, and agencies?

Don Adams Death--(temporary link)Arkanacide?--They weren't going to let
him stop them AGAIN!

Circuit Court Judge (Peter Rea)--The Judge --Makes us want to Vomit.

Mo. State Auditor--M. Kelly --The only Help We Had!

Here's a link to the original Index--Earlier Index Page --At the
Beginning of the earlier index is an Outline of the method that the
Program (Acquisition) generally uses to remove people from their

For an Intelligent, Non-Partisan Review of All areas of Corruption of
our Government Click Here--Topic WhiteWater-- At FreeRepublic
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/NDCORUP/WHY.html">Why all the Interest?</A>
Why all the Interest in the Branson Area?


These Newsclips are from area papers that note visits by Clinton, Bush,
Ashcroft & Dole to the Branson Area. Please note that Branson and
Harrison are only about 35 mi. from each other. BassPro's "Big Cedar
Lodge" is between them, though closer to Branson. Big Cedar, and now a
very isolated area called "Dogwood Canyon" (10,000 acres also owned by
BassPro, small portions are open to the public) are frequently visited
by these Maggots in search of more "retirement security".
Isn't it nice that Clinton & Bush are once again working together? Both
the Ark. & Mo. Governors spend a lot of very quiet visits here.

It should be kept in mind that Ashcroft and Clinton were State Attorney
Gen'ls at the same time, Governors at the same time, and Now........

These clips are from about a month apart visits last year when there was
a lot of investigation going on here.

This file photo of Bush was on the front page of the July 16,'97
Harrison paper. It notes Bush's upcoming visit on Sept.11,'97 to
Harrison, Ark. What is also of interest is that the picture is noted as
being from May 19,'85. There was a lot of activity in Ark. Then Also.

Here's Slick's Visit From July 17,'97(a dear friend died)

And then Ashcroft loves it here too--

Here's some more of Ashcroft's Interest here so you see more of how our
self serving Gov. works. Don't know if Lott has bought in yet for sure
but there is some data being verified-- Here's Johnny --- HighRoad Basic

After you look at that info take a look at Ashcrofts reward when he
became a Freshman Senator-- Lott & Ashcroft together again--At Your
Expense" .  At least one of these guys ought to be President!  The way
it apparently works is that if you do a "Deal" for the power brokers and
weather the storm that it brings on from the opposition, you get to be
on the fast track. But you then belong to them. This One Was Quite a


There was recently an article on FreeRepublic Forum that mentioned that
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard had been called by Dole to back off of Mena
coverage and Investigation. So here's Dole and his Lovely wife on a
whirlwind visit from D.C to Ohio to K.C. to Branson, Mo. at about the
time a lot was "hitting the fan" here--

Dole actually spent 15 min. max. at each of the two shows. No speech or
rallies were held. Our friends in the right places tell us that he was
in numerous meetings at both Lodge of The Ozarks & Big Cedar Lodge.


Then there's our Circuit Court Judge. He's in trouble right now for
supposedly grabbing a clerk's breasts among other things. Seems like the
Puppeteers of these guys use the same general storylines to remove
embarassments. They sit back and observe how it is playing with us
peons. Just a HINT for them-- We Don't Buy It!


<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/ArkMo1/SWTDL.html">Sweet Deal</A>
(Whitewater Clone?)

A link is provided here to an article that explains the Jim McDougal,
David Hale and Susan McDougal involvement in a sham real estate
transaction. At the end of the article there are excerpts from it that
we pointed out. See what you think about the similarities. Here's the
link--The Known Whitewater


Here is a Drudge Report reference to a "Hawkins"---See what you think
and then read the program below--Another Hawkins? or the Same?

It's almost impossible to do a short summary of a $1,622,000 Multi-Party
Transaction. I'll try.
What I'll do is give a brief Point "A" to Point "B" to Point "C" etc.
word description of what occurred, with the documents (.gif scans) as
1.) A "Pat Hawkins" (maybe real, maybe not) acquired 25 lots in a
sparsely populated area 9 miles from Branson, Mo. This area is now known
as "Oakmont" but was formerly known as "Paradise Village".
It was taken to bankruptcy in '78 or '79 by mostly Un-Traceable
Principles. Don Adams, deceased Harrison, Ark. attorney, was
instrumental in shutting down this first attempt to disposess long term
local residents. ArkMo
2.)"Pat Hawkins" obtained $757,400 on promisary notes as Blue Vista Inc.
(an Okla. Corp.) with those 25 lots as collateral (worth in '92/'93
about $25,000) WW/BRANSONP42 WW/BRANSONP43
3.)"Pat Hawkins" defaults on the $757,400 in promissary notes after a
few years (no record found of any payments).
4.)American Bank & Trust Co. files a lawsuit to foreclose on the 25
5.) The Circuit Court Judge (Mo.) declares the default to be a little
bit more than the $757,400 in notes. The default is $1,622,441.22
6.) American Bank & Trust buys these same lots at Sheriffs sale for
$25,000. WW/BRANSONP51
7.)Big Cedar (J.Morris,BassPro Shops)in partnership with Gaylord
(TNN,CMT,OpryLand ) buys the lots for $10, from the bank. WW/BRANSONP55
This data is excerpted from raw data at BRANSON/WHITEWATER
Oklahoma-(Tulsa) This was one of your banks.
Missouri- This was one of your Circuit Court Judges.
We live in Ark.- Morris & others participating in these types of
transactions own all of the property surrounding us and other hold-outs.
There was another transaction very similar to this one (in NDCORUP data)
BRANSON/WHITEWATER that was in progress but interrupted by our exposure
of a fraudulent lawsuit (Quiet Title) in Federal Court. That one brings
Rose Law and another Circuit Court Judge into the mix. We will get it
compiled ASAP. But it is even more complex than this one. It was to be
the example to get us HillBillies out of here. What the heck, we're all
cousins, aren't we?

To Branson/Whitewater Start---Branson/Whitewater

For a very intelligent, bi-partisan & non-partisan review of the
appalling corruption of our current elected leaders go to -- Topic:
White Water

<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/NDCORUP/CASINO.html">CASINO</A>

The Casino at the End of the HighRoad

Here's some music if you want--You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet !

We had all realized that Morris (BassPro Shops, Big Cedar Lodge) and
Gaylord (TNN, OpryLand) were in line to be the Primary Beneficiaries of
the HighRoad. They had obtained to the best estimates approximately
50,000 acres between the two designated Mark Twain National Forest
areas, the bulk of the available development land.

Then we had a major move to get Casino Gambling allowed right over the
State Line ("0" feet over the State Line. An Option on 500 acres had
been placed on some Stacy Property. Other smaller parcels had already
been acquired. Article and Map Here---Casino Amendment ---Map

The Amendment was defeated in Nov.'96. Don Adams, a Harrison, Ark.
Lawyer who was helping us, died the 1st week of Jan. '97.---Don Adams

It has since been extensively reported that the Mo.State Dept of
Transportation and Highway Commission were totally out of control.
Margaret Kelly, Mo. State Auditor, had a real challenge trying to Audit
MoDot. Here's some of that ---MoDot .

None of this seems to have made any difference since the HighRoad
continues to be built whether there are funds or not. Also the Ark.
Portion of 4-Laneing HyWay65 at the State Line is rolling right along.
>From Nothing To Nothing, for now.

The links to scans about the Hyway 65 Project are known to be not
accessible. They will be re-installed more completely later.

More to be added-- THE VOTE IS TO COME UP AGAIN THIS NOV. '98

<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/ArkMo1/">ArkMo</A>
Don Adams Death


We respected Don. There should be nothing in this data construed to
disparage his name or reputation.
There are troubling aspects to his reported "suicide".
Don had stated that he had confronted some influential people
approximately 20 yrs. ago that had implemented a plan to acquire large
amounts of property in the Branson Area. He named them.
He recounted the phone call that stopped their plan. Those implicated in
the data at the linked sites are of the same group. We had been
recommended to "Get Don Adams to help us" by some long term area
residents. He said he would help us. He is now dead.
There are numerous links in this web data that will be added to as time
progresses. It is stated in Don's obituary that he enjoyed playing on
the Internet. This isn't play.

Here's a sound file that is specially intended for those (and there are
many) that are participating in the Branson Area Land Grab. Click on it
and start trying to connect what is intended by it. Many of the original
participants in the scheme are no longer with us, are they? But Old Age
(or something) catches up with us all. Enjoy--Things Happen!



Text of Above Article

Lawyer Adams Missing

January 5, 1997

By the Times Staff (Harrison, Ark.)

Donald Joe Adams; 55, well known northwest Arkansas attorney and former
Boone County Municipal Court judge, was reported missing Thursday
afternoon, Jan. 2, Boone County Sheriff's Department officials have

According to authorities, Adams left home for work Thursday morning and
has not been seen or heard from since.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office was notified of his absence by his
Wife, Linda, who said he normally called her when he was in court as he
was scheduled Thursday. Adams was seen entering his office that morning
but "he didn't pick up his mail or any of the ordinary things," Boone
County Sheriff's Office Capt. Kyle Wolfe said. We're all dumb- founded."

Boone County Sheriff's Investigator C.L.Bergeron said the back door of
Adams' office was found unlocked Thursday.

A. search of Boone County Thursday and Friday turned up nothing to
indicate Adams' whereabouts, according to Bergeron.

"Boone County has been checked and double checked," he added.

An airplane was called to check the Bull Shoals Lake area, and the
Baxter County Sheriff's Department dispatched a helicopter to check the
nearby lakes area along with White River and Crooked Creek.

Friends checked familiar sites in Marion County, where Adams used to

Lt. Jeff Atkinson of the Boone County Sheriff's Office said a search of
Newton County was conducted Saturday, Jan. 4, after authorities were
notified that Adams was possibly sighted driving down Highway 7 South
Thursday morning.

The search was conducted by Boone County law enforcement officers and
concerned friends, the National Park Service and Newton County Sheriff's
Office personnel but turned up no additional information on Adams.

"We're at one of those points where you just don't know where to look,"
Atkinson said. "Officers are checking the area and not coming up with

Authorities report a note was left on his computer but the content of
the letter was unclear.

Wolfe said there is no reason at this point to suspect foul play.

Atkinson said that both Adams and his vehicle have been registered with
the National Arkansas Crime Information centers.



Text Of Above Article

January 8, 1997


Springfield police officers examine the body of Arkansas lawyer Donald
Joe Adams, who was found shot to death Tuesday in a vehicle in the
parking lot of St. John's Regional Health Center.

Arkansas Lawyer found dead in car

By Ron Davis

A prominent Arkansas lawyer and former judge missing since Thursday was
found shot to death Tuesday in a Springfield hospital parking lot.

The death of Harrison attorney Donald Joe Adams, 55, appeared to be a
suicide, said Greene County Medical examiner James Spindler. (A Recent
Article about Spindler and his Drug History follows these articles about

The former Boone County, Ark., Municipal court judge was last seen about
7:30 a.m. Thursday in a red Oldsmobile sport-utility vehicle after
arrriving at work.

About noon Tuesday, a patient or employee of St. John's Regional Health
Center parked next to a red Oldsmobile Bravada and saw a person slumped
over the driver's seat, Police Lt. David Nokes said. "They contacted
security, who in turn contacted us."

At 12:10 p.m., police peered into the Bravada and saw Adams' body, with
at least one gunshot wound to the head, Nokes said. A small-caliber
rifle, perhaps a .22, was also in the vehicle.

A note dated Friday was also found, but Nokes would not divulge its

Police believe Adams had a relative in Springfield.

Friends said he had serious health problems during the past year but
seemed to be improving.

It was unclear how long Adams' body had sat in his Oldsmobile, parked
behind the ambulance garage. Nokes said the body was not extensively
decomposed, but the weekend's cold weather could have preserved it, if
Adams had been there since Friday.(note--it was not very cold at that
time, 50's F. plus it was sunny)

Adams, who was known as a fun-loving guy, had been the subject of an
extensive search in his home county. Police there said they combed
through his office and found a note on his work computer, but did not
say whether it was a suicide note.

Van Younes, a former longtime law partner, described his style:

"He could shoot from the hip. He could relate with the jurors; he could
cry with the witnesses. He wasn't one of the modern lawyers that would
take advantage of technicalities.

"He's what we'd call a country-style Matlock."

Reporter Laura Bauer Menner contributed to this report.


Defense attacks witness's credibilty

Revelle's team reveals medical examiner abused prescription drugs in the

By Robert Keyes

News-Leader Wednesday, October 14, 1998

In their continued efforts to tarnish George Revelle's accusers, defense
attorneys have raised questions about the morality and professional
competence of investigators.

Now they are targeting the past illegal drug use of the pathologist who
conducted Lisa Revelle's autopsy.

In a motion filed Tuesday in Pulasky County Circuit Court, defense
attorneys revealed that Greene County Medical Examiner James Spindler
 was disciplined in 1986 in Illinois for writing a large number of
personal prescriptions for the pain reliever Stadol.

A consent order issued by the Illinois Department of Registration and
Education indicated Spindler had abused prescription drugs for the
previous five years. He also was investigated by the federal Drug
Enforcement Administration.

The defense also contended Spindler falsified his resume by claiming a
1975 fellowship, board certification in forensic pathology and faculty
employment at St. Louis University. Spindler said Tuesday his resume was
accurate but admitted drug use was a part of his past. However, he said
he's since found God and "lived the past 13 years perfectly clean," he
said. While Revelle's attorneys appear

File photo  Greene County Medical Examiner James Spindler's illegal drug
use has been targeted by Revelle defense attorneys. "They're trying to
O.J. it," Spindler said.

intent on undermining Spindler's credibility as a prosecution expert
witness, the medical examiner's testimony regards undisputed facts: Lisa
Revelle died from a gunshot to the head in 1994.

"I don't even have to testify," said Spindler. "It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out how she died .... " But "if this is the way they
want to play the game, there's nothing I can do about that."

Spindler said he was both "personally affronted" and "relieved" by the
disclosure. "I feel a little personally let down, but if I got in
trouble but had someone in my family get in trouble, I'd probably hire
one of (Revelle's attorneys)."

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Douglas E. Long did not rule on the motion
to impeach Spindler as an expert witness, or a number of other motions
revealing a strategy of trying to put Revelle's accusers on the

Long indicated he will deal with those issues as they arise during the
first-degree murder trial.

Christian County Prosecutor Mark Orr would not comment on the court
filings. Neither would defense attorneys Dee Wampler and Shawn

"They're trying to O.J. it," Spindler said. "They're painting the whole
investigation as improper and botched."

While Spindler does not believe the jury will be allowed to hear of his
past drug problems, I'd be happy to speak to them about it," he said.

In papers filed Tuesday, the defense appears intent on attacking from
several fronts.

Among the points:

[] That by destroying a questionable autopsy photograph and failing to
report it, Revelle investigators maintained a "conspiracy of silence"
that lasted until the photo incident was discovered earlier this year.

The photo, taken by lead case investigator Jack.Merritt, depicts
Christian County Sheriff Steve Whitney with his hand on the dead woman's
breast. A tape recording of the autopsy also has been destroyed, Wampler
argued. He suggested that such conduct may be grounds for dismissal.

Il That certain pieces of prosecution evidence were not analyzed or
brought into the case and that other prosecution test results can be
contradicted by defense tests. Orr has argued in court filings that no
negative inference can be drawn by the fact that the state declined to
test some items.



As an up-date to this matter-- There has been input that someone or
possibly more than one person has been "investigating". They represent
themselves to be the FBI, but don't allow close scrutiny of credentials.
Their manner turns very intimidating. It should be noted that legitimate
agents will allow you to verify their I.D. at a regional office by
phone. They will also present and allow you to keep their card.
JRADAMS -Investigative Reporter Ran Away-Why?
ArkMo P2 click here
Topic: White Water -Very Intelligent Newspostings & Discussion about the
wide ranging Political Corruption termed "Whitewater"

Confluence---A Mob Story

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