The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, better known as the Knights of
Malta are the military wing of the Catholic Church. They are also a
sovereign country, even though their only "territory" is an office
building on Via Condotti in Rome. Thirty five countries maintain
diplomatic relations with them; over forty recognize their passport.

 Some Knights of Malta (in no particular order):

Charles Willoughby, (born Karl Widenbach) Chief of Intelligence for Gen.
Douglas MacAuthur

Robert Wagner, Mayor of New York, Atty. for Otto von Bolschwing

William R Grace, founder of the WR Grace Co.

J. Peter Grace, son of WR, head of the company and head of Reagan's "Grace
Committee" which oversaw the planning of government's downsizing.

Martin F Shae Executive VP of Morgan Bank, handled telexing of funds for
OSS chief Wild Bill Donovan, WWII

Gen. Wild Bill Donovan, Wall St. lawyer, founder of OSS, America's first
central intelligence agency.

Alfred Bloomingdale, served on  Reagan's foreign intelligence advisory
Board, better known for role in Vicki Morgan sex scandal.

General Charles Pierce Cable Deputy Director of Central Intelligence under
Allen Dulles

Carl Cabell, brother of the mayor of Dallas the day Kennedy was killed.

Tom Bolan, law partner of Roy Cohn, top advisor to Sen. Alphonse D'Amato.

George W. Anderson, member of intelligence advisory board under Nixon.

John D. J. Moore, WR Grace board member, former Ambassador to Ireland.

Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense.

James J. Angleton,  poet, orchid enthusiast, head of CIA counter

Lee Iacocca, titan of industry, sold Detroit to Japan

Admiral James D. Watkins, Reagan's Chief of Naval Operations.

Vernon Walters, CIA trouble shooter, Reagan's roving ambassador.

Spyro Skouros, 20th Century Fox, OSS

Walter Reuther, labor leader

Henry Luce, publisher of *Life*, acid head.

Alexander Haig, "I'm in charge here."

Peter Dominici, chairman of sub committee on terrorism.

William Clark, judge, National Security Advisor, brought Helena von Damm
into USA

Reinhard Gehlen, highest ranking Nazi intelligence officer to defect to
US, head of the the "Gehlen Org," America's sole source of info from
inside USSR immediately after WWII, more than any other single man created
the Cold War, later went on to head BND, West Germany's "CIA." Though a
protestant, Gehlen's role in the "crusade" against "Godless Communism"
warranted him a knighthood.

William Casey, Director of CIA, head of Reagan-Bush campaign, engineered
"October Surprise," architect of contra-gate.

James Buckley, Radio Free Europe

William Buckley, founder of YAF, author of spy novels, TV talk show host,
and noted debater.

John Volpe, Ambassador to Italy.

John McCone, Director of Central Intelligence.

King Baudouin of Belgium.

Henri d'Orleans, Pretender to the throne of France.

Jeremiah Denton, senator

Peter Dominici, senator

William Wilson, Reagan's special emissary to the Vatican

Patrick Frawley, founder of Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, whose
fortune derives from the Schick razor empire. He own a number of right
wing Catholic media outlets, including *Twin Circles*, magazine, and
*National Catholic Register*.  His wife is a Dame of Malta and a leading
member of Right to Life League and a patron of Catholic anti abortion
propagandist Phyllis Schlafly. Phyllis's husband is Patrick's employee.

Robert H Abplanalp, Nixon croney, real estate hustler

Joseph Kennedy, bootlegger, ambassador to England, father of various sons.

Baron Hilton, innkeeper.

William Stankard,  Director of Chase Manhatten Bank.

Danny Thomas, entertainer

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