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 All the President's victims III:

 More on Bill Clinton's long and growing
 history of sexual violence against women

 By Daniel J. Harris
 & Teresa Hampton
 Capitol Hill Blue

 Juanita Broaddrick's terrifying story of a violent rape by Bill
 Clinton is only one of more than dozen cases of sexual assualt by
 the President that go back 30 years.

 Capitol Hill Blue has confirmed that the charge is but one of many
 allegations of sexual assault by the President.

 A continuing investigation into the President's questionable sexual
 history reveal incidents that go back as far as Clinton's college
 days, with more than a dozen women claiming his sexual appetites
 leave little room for the word "no."

 Juanita Broaddrick, an Arkansas woman who worked on Bill Clinton's
 campaign when he was attorney general, told NBC's Lisa

 Meyers two weeks ago she was raped by Clinton.  NBC, under intense
 pressure by the White House, shelved the interview.  The White
 House also threatened Fox News Tuesday after it reported the story.
 Broaddrick finally took her story to The Wall Street Journal,
 which published her account of the brutal rape at the hands of
 the future President.

 But Broaddrick's story is only one account of many sexual assaults
 by Clinton.  Among the other incidents:

   + A 1969 charge by a Eileen Wellstone, 19-year-old English
     woman who said Clinton assaulted her after she met him at
     a pub near the Oxford University campus where the future
     President was a student.  A retired State Department employee,
     who asked not to be identified, confirmed this week that he
     spoke with the family of the girl and filed a report with his
     superiors.  Clinton admitted having sex with the girl, but
     claimed it was consensual.  The victim's family declined to
     pursue the case;

   + In 1972, a 22-year-old woman told campus police at Yale
     University that she was sexually assaulted by Clinton, who
     was a law student at the college.  No charges were filed,
     but retired campus policemen contacted by Capitol Hill Blue
     confirmed the incident.  The woman, tracked down by Capitol
     Hill Blue last week, confirmed the incident, but declined to
     discuss it further;

   + In 1974, a female student at the University of Arkansas
     complained that then-law professor Bill Clinton tried to
     prevent her from leaving his office during a conference.
     She said he groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse.
     Clinton claimed the student "came on" to him and she left
     the school shortly after the incident.  Reached at her home
     in Texas last week, the former student confirmed the incident,
     but declined to go public with her account.  Several former
     students at the University have confirmed the incident in
     confidential interviews and said there were other reports of
     Clinton attempting to force himself on female students;

   + Broaddrick, a volunteer in Clinton's gubernatorial campaign,
     said he raped her in 1978.  Mrs. Broaddrick required treatment
     for a bruised and torn lip, which she said she suffered when
     Clinton bit her during the rape;

   + From 1978-1980, during Clinton's first term as governor of
     Arkansas, state troopers assigned to protect the governor
     reported seven complaints from women who said Clinton forced,
     or attempted to force, himself on them sexually.  One retired
     state trooper said in an interview that the common joke among
     those assigned to protect Clinton was "who's next?";

   + Carolyn Moffet, a legal secretary in Little Rock in 1979,
     said she met then-governor Clinton at a political fundraiser
     and shortly thereafter received an invitation to meet the
     governor in his hotel room.  "I was escorted there by a state
     trooper.  When I went in, he was sitting on a couch, wearing
     only an undershirt.  He pointed at his penis and told me to
     suck it.  I told him I didn't even do that for my boyfriend
     and he got mad, grabbed my head and shoved it into his lap.
     I pulled away from him and ran out of the room."

   + Elizabeth Ward, the Miss Arkansas who won the Miss America
     crown in 1982, told friends she was forced by Clinton to have
     sex with him shortly after she won her state crown.  Last
     year, Ward, who is now married with the last name of Gracen,
     told an interviewer she did have sex with Clinton but said it
     was consensual.  She later recanted that interview and said
     had been threatened by Clinton supporters into claiming the
     sex was consensual.

   + Paula Corbin, an Arkansas state worker, filed a sexual
     harassment case against Clinton after an encounter in a
     Little Rock hotel room where the then-governor exposed
     himself and demanded oral sex.  Clinton settled the case
     with Jones recently with a cash payment.

   + Sandra Allen James, a former Washington, DC, political
     fundraiser says Presidential candidate-to-be Clinton invited
     her to his hotel room during a political trip to the nation's
     capital in 1991, pinned her against the wall and stuck his
     hand up her dress.  She says she screamed loud enough for the
     Arkansas State Trooper stationed outside the hotel suite to
     bang on the door and ask if everything was all right, at
     which point Clinton released her and she fled the room.  When
     she reported the incident to her boss, he advised her to keep
     her mouth shut if she wanted to keep working.  Miss James has
     since married and left Washington.  Reached at her home last
     week, the former Miss James said she later learned that other
     women suffered the same fate at Clinton's hands when he was
     in Washington during his Presidential run.

   + Christy Zercher, a flight attendant on Clinton's leased
     campaign plane in 1992, says Presidential candidate Clinton
     exposed himself to her, grabbed her breasts and made explicit
     remarks about oral sex.  A video shot on board the plane by
     ABC News shows an obviously inebriated Clinton with his hand
     between another young flight attendant's legs.  Zercher said
     later in an interview that White House attorney Bruce Lindsey
     tried to pressure her into not going public about the

   + Kathleen Willey, a White House volunteer, reported that
     Clinton grabbed her, fondled her breast and pressed her hand
     against his genitals during an Oval Office meeting in
     November, 1993.  Willey, who told her story in a 60 Minutes
     interview, became a target of a White House-directed smear
     campaign after she went public.

 In an interview with Capitol Hill Blue, the retired State
 Department employee said he believed the story Miss Wellstone,
 the young English woman who said Clinton raped her in 1969.

 "There was no doubt in my mind that this young woman had suffered
 severe emotional trauma," he said.  "But we were under tremendous
 pressure to avoid the embarrassment of having a Rhodes Scholar
 charged with rape.  I filed a report with my superiors and that
 was the last I heard of it."

 Miss Wellstone, who is now married and lives near London, confirmed
 the incident when contacted this week, but refused to discuss the
 matter further.  She said she would not go public with further
 details of the attack.

 In his book, Unlimited Access, former FBI agent Gary Aldrich
 reported that Clinton left Oxford University for a "European Tour"
 in 1969 and was told by University officials that he was no longer
 welcome there.  Aldrich said Clinton's academic record at Oxford
 was lackluster.  Clinton later accepted a scholarship for Yale
 Law School and did not complete his studies at Oxford.

 The State Department official who investigated the incident said
 Clinton's interests appeared to be drinking, drugs and sex, not

 "I came away from the incident with the clear impression that this
 was a young man who was there to party, not study," he said.

 Oxford officials, contacted last week, refused comment.  The State
 Department also refused to comment on the incident.

 Capitol Hill Blue also spoke with the former Miss James, the
 Washington fundraiser who confirmed the encounter with Clinton at
 the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, but first said she would not
 appear publicly because anyone who does so is destroyed by the
 Clinton White House.

 "My husband and children deserve better than that," she said when
 first contacted two weeks ago.  After reading the Broaddrick story
 Friday, however, she called back and gave permission to use her
 maiden name, but said she had no intention of pursuing the matter.

 "I wasn't raped, but I was trapped in a hotel room for a brief
 moment by a boorish man," she said.  "I got away.  He tried calling
 me several times after that, but I didn't take his phone calls.
 Then he stopped.  I guess he moved on."

 The former Miss Moffet, the legal secretary who says Clinton tried
 to force her into oral sex in 1979, has since married and left the
 state.  She says that when she told her boyfriend, who was a lawyer
 and supporter of Clinton, about the incident, he told her to keep
 her mouth shut.

 "He said that people who crossed the governor usually regretted it
 and that if I knew what was good for me I'd forget that it ever
 happened," she said.  "I haven't forgotten it.  You don't forget
 crude men like that."

 The other encounters were confirmed with more than 30 interviews
 with retired Arkansas state employees, former state troopers and
 former Yale and University of Arkansas students.  Like others,
 they refused to go public because of fears of retaliation from
 the Clinton White House.

 Likewise, the mainstream media has shied away from the Broaddrick
 story.  Initially, only The Drudge Report and other Internet news
 sites have actively pursued it.

 The White House did not return calls for comment.  White House
 attorney David Kendall has issued a public denial of the
 Broaddrick rape.

 Copyright 1999. Capitol Web Publishing


 Capitol Hill Blue is published daily on the web.  Some material
 is (c) The Associated Press and (c) Reuters NewMedia.

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 In 1985 a relative of Bill Clinton was raped.  Wayne Dumond
 was arrested and imprisoned in the case.  While awaiting
 sentencing, Dumond himself was sexually assaulted and
 castrated by two masked men.  A local sheriff, later
 sentenced to 160 years for extortion and drug dealing,
 displayed Dumond's testicles in a jar on his desk under a
 sign that read, "That's what happens to people who fool
 around in my county."  A parole board, upon receiving new
 evidence of Dumond's innocence, voted to release him after
 4 1/2 years in prison.  Governor Clinton -- according to
 the managing editor of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette --
 staged a "romping, stomping fit" and blocked the release.

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