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     Memorandum Number Three: The Illuminati Connection

  We need to trace three historical lines in modern education: the first
we looked at in Memorandum Number Two, the development of the
look-say method of reading, its abandonment and its later adoption
around the turn of the century.

  Another line is the import of the experimental psychology of Wilhelm
Wundt into the United States by The Order. This we shall examine in
Memorandum Number Four.

  For the moment we want to briefly trace the influence of Johann
Friedrich Herbart, a major German philosopher of the early 19th cen-
tury. There was at one time in the United States a National Herbart
Society for the Scientific Study of Education to adapt Herbartian prin-
ciples to American education. Later, this became just National Society
for the Study of Education. You don't hear too much about Johann
Herbart today, but his influence survives in the so-called "enriched"
school curricula and in current educational methodology.

  Our purpose in this memorandum is twofold: to show the Hegelian
aspects of Herbartian theory and to trace the Illuminati connection.
There is no direct connection to The Order. However, in a subsequent
book, we will trace The Order to the Illuminati and this section will then
fall into a logical place.

  Herbart was an educational theorist as well as philosopher and
psychologist, and strongly influenced Wilhelm Wundt. For Herbert
education had to be presented in a scientifically correct manner, and the
chief purpose of education for Herbart is to prepare the child to live
properly in the social order of which he is an integral part. Following
Hegel, the individual is not important. The mere development of in-
dividual talent, of individual fitness, mental power and knowledge is not
the purpose of education. The purpose is to develop personal character
and social morality, and the most important task of the educator is to
analyze the activities and duties of men within society.

 The function of instruction is to fulfill these aims and impart to the in-
dividual socially desirable ideas. Morality for Herbart, therefore, is what
is good for society, following Hegelian theory.

 Herbartians favor grouping of subjects around a core topic, i.e., the
grouping of history, social science and English literature. This enables
the teacher to more easily draw out those notions useful to the

 All of these ideas we can recognize in today's educational philosophy
came into American education through the Herbartian groups.

The Illuminati Connection

  Johann Herbart studied at the University of Jena, and came under
the influence of Johann Herder, Friedrich Schiller, Johann Fichte and
Johann Goethe. Later, in Switzerland, Herbart came into contact with
Johann Pestalozzi.

  What is interesting about these names, and they comprise the most
important influence on Herbart, is that they are either known members
of the Illuminati or reputed to be close to the Illuminati Order.

 Let's take each name in turn :

   * Johann Gottried Herder (1744-1803) was "Damascus
    pontifex" in the Illuminati.

   * Johann Fichte, we have already noted in the previous volume
    was close to the Illuminati and pushed by Goethe ("Abaris") for
    the post at the University of Jena, where Johann Herbart was

   * Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) was known in the circle but not
    reliably recorded as an Illuminati member.

   * Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832) was "Abaris" in the

 We have an even more precise connection for another prominent
Illuminati, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827), a Swiss teacher of
some renown living at Interlaken, and known as "Alfred" in the
Illuminati code.

 Before Herbart completed his doctorate, just after the turn of the 19th
century, he spent three years at Interlaken in Switzerland. Out of his
contact with Pestalozzi came a book on Pestalozzi's educational
theories, much of which rubbed off onto Herbart. The book is Pesta-
lozzi's Idee Eines ABC Der Anschaung Untersucht Und
Wissenschaftlich Asugefuhrt (Pestalozzi's idea of an ABC of sense im-
pression). This book has been translated and we reproduce a copy of
the title page of the 1896 New York edition. This is not insignificant. It is
a commentary by a prominent influence on today's education upon a
Illuminati book.

Why Is The Illuminati Connection Significant?

 The Illuminati was founded May 1, 1776 by Professor Adam
Weishaupt of the University of Ingolstadt. It was a secret society, but in
1785 and 1787 several batches of internal documents came to the
Bavarian Government. Subsequent investigation determined that the
aim of the Illuminati was world domination, using any methods to ad-
vance the objective. i.e., the end always justifies the means. It was anti-
Christian, although clergymen were found in the organization. Each
member had a pseudonym to disguise his identity.

  During its time, the Illuminati had widespread and influential
membership. After suppression by the Bavarian Government in 1788 it
was quiet for some years and then reportedly revived.

  The significance for this study is that the methods and objectives
parallel those of The Order. In fact, infiltration of the Illuminati into New
England is known and will be the topic of a forthcoming volume.

  So far as education is concerned, the Illuminati objective was as

  "We must win the common people in every corner. This will be ob-
tained chiefly by means of the schools, and by open, hearty behavior,
show, condescension, popularity and toleration of their prejudices
which we shall at leisure root out and dispel."

  As Rosenbaum has pointed out in his Esquire article, the Illuminati
ceremony has similarities to The Order. For example, John Robinson in
Proofs Of A Conspiracy:(1) "The candidate is presented for reception in
the character of a slave; and it is demanded of him what has brought
him to this most miserable of all conditions. He answers - Society - the
State - Submissiveness - False Religion. A skeleton is pointed out to
him, at the feet of which are laid a Crown and a Sword. He is asked
whether that is the skeleton of a King, a Nobleman or a Beggar?

 As he cannot decide, the President of the meeting says to him, "the
character of being a man is the only one that is of importance."

 Finally, in conclusion, we can trace the foundation of three secret
societies, in fact the most influential three secret societies that we know
about, to Universities. The Illuminati was founded at University of
Ingolstadt. The Group was founded at All Souls College, Oxford Uni-
versity in England, and The Order was founded at Yale University in the
United States.

 The paradox is that institutions supposedly devoted to the search for
truth and freedom have given birth to institutions devoted to world

(l) John Robinson. PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY (Americanist  Classics, Belmont,
1967) p. 110
pps. 77-80
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