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Subject: Gnosis Article

Dear friends,

Regarding the article by the author mentioned below in Gnosis
magazine (spring, 1999) the following.

Richardson sheds some interesting light
on Pierre Plantard and the groups he was connected with.
Basically Richardson is stating that Plantard's PoS was a hoax by
some right-wing anti-Masonic, anti-Semitic, monarchists, who
appropriated a lot of esoteric, political and historic themes in
their writings, to further a right-wing monarchist agenda.

Richardson states:

"The "Priory's" first objective is to position itself in the mind
of an unknowing public as the supreme Western esoteric
organization. It dreams of utilizing that constituency in a
synarchy-like fashion to promote its hybrid agenda of right-wing
politics and turn-of-the-century esoteric teachings. It does not
represent the real teachings of any positive esoteric order. It
is materialistic, obsessed with attaining influence, and has
fabricated documents without regard for any ethical
considerations. Its program is to manipulate people through lies
in order to promote itself."

Richardson explains the fact that Plantard's PoS had
access to a lot of knowledge concerning esoteric-historical
groups and individuals by stating:

1) "The fraudulent history of the "Priory of Sion" and its false
bloodline was created by utilizing the vast amount of esoteric
documents publicly available in French libraries and by
depositing its own documents among them." And:

2) that they had connections
within the Vichy regime during W.W.II, which gave them access to
the confiscated archives of the many out-lawed Masonic and other
esoteric groups.

Richardson: "During the war it is probable that
the "Priory" also had access to the seized records of Masonic and
esoteric societies, some quite old, which were deposited in the
occupation-controlled Centre d'Action MaConnique. This depository
was headed by Henri Coston, a right-wing, anti-Semitic journalist
and collaborator, who was quoted on the first page of Vaincre

Corollary he debunks the possibility that the
same knowledge could have come from a since 1099 continuous
existing PoS. About the, in his eyes, real PoS he states,

"The real Priory of Sion was an authentic Catholic monastic
order. A priory is a religious house or order. Sion or Zion is
the ancient name for Jerusalem, where the order was headquartered
at the monastery of Our Lady of Mt. Zion. It transferred its
headquarters to St. Leonard d'Acre in Palestine and later to
Sicily. In 1617 it ceased to exist and was absorbed into the
Jesuit order."

(The footnote refers to Gerard de Sede's "Rennes-le-Chateau: Le
dossier, les imposteurs, les phantasmes, les hypotheses:")

I think he makes some valid points, though it's not yet strong
enough to falsify the many theses put forward in "Holy Blood,
Holy Grail," like Jesus' bloodline, the sacred geometry around
Rennes-le-Chateau, the connection between Templars and Masons,
and many more. It's possible of course that Plantard &co. used
some real historical secrets found in those archives, but then
adapted them to their own agenda.

The fact that Plantard promote PoS as
being a factor in the founding of Masonry, and that now Plantard
stands exposed as being anti-masonic, these two facts beg for
explanation. To do this thoroughly we should go to the articles
in question, which appeared in the magazines VAINCRE and CIRCUIT,
both which were connected with Plantard's PoS, and see in which
way Plantard was anti-masonic.

(Interestingly the article shows the cover of the first issue of
Vaincre, and though it's hardly legible, you can read that the
magazine is for "the people, united in a real socialism, forever
banishing the quarrels of capitalist interests." )

The big question for me would be to see whether he was
anti-masonic in a Catholic way, i.e. opposed to any kind of
Masonry, or would he make a distinction between original Masonry,
which gave us the enlightenment (and persons like Washington and
Jefferson and the American Revolution and Constitution), and
Masonry 'illuminized'  by Weishaupt and his Illuminati, which
gave us an anti-spiritual deranged rationalism (and persons like
Robespierre and the French Revolution and the Terror), and still
active and dominant in French politics? Capito? If not, just drop

Some other questions would be: who profits and who is calling the
shots? The Vatican, the Jesuits, a limited circle of French
monarchists, just only Plantard and some of his friends?

Aloha, He'Ping,
Om, Shalom, Salaam.
Em Hotep, Peace Be,
Omnia Bona Bonis,
All My Relations.
Adieu, Adios, Aloha.
Roads End

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