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New SEC chairman is member of occult Skull & Bones secret society
By Rick Wiles
Copyright American Freedom News February 18, 2003

President Bush’s choice to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission was sworn into 
office Tuesday during a ceremony at the White House.

William Donaldson, a multimillionaire investment banker, was nominated by President 
Bush late last year to replace Harvey Pitt as chairman of the SEC.  Pitt was force to 
resign after a stormy 18-month reign during a rash of corporate scandals starting with 
the collapse of Enron.  The US Senate confirmed Donaldson last Thursday.

During the White House ceremony, President Bush said Donaldson was well prepared for 
the challenge of running the SEC.  “Bill Donaldson spent a career preparing for this 
challenge,” said President Bush.  “He has served as a found of a leading investment 
firm, the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, the founding den of the Yale School 
of Management. He has set high standards throughout his entire career.”

What President Bush failed to mention is William Donaldson’s membership in The Order ­ 
an occult secret society with Nazi connections composed of members of the Eastern 
Establishment aristocracy.   Known to outsiders as Skull & Bones, The Order is 
controlled by about 20 wealthy East Coast families.  The Bush family has been a 
dominant player in The Order for decades.  President George W. Bush and his father, 
former President Bush, are members of The Order.  Prescott Bush, the current 
president’s grandfather, was also a member of The Order.

Based at Yale University, The Order is the American branch of the German Brotherhood 
of Death.  Adolph Hitler was a member of the German secret society.  The Order 
operates from a windowless three-story mausoleum on the Yale campus, Bush’s ala mater, 
known as the Tomb.  The Tomb supposedly contains artifacts that belonged to Hitler, 
human skeletons and skulls, stolen gravestones, a mummy, an mementos from numerous 
wars. The Tomb allegedly also contains the skull of Geronimo ­ the Apache war chief.  
Prescott Bush, President Bush’s grandfather, stole the Indian chief’s skull.  The 
skull is used in various occult rituals.

Donaldson, the new SEC chairman, was a Yale classmate with Jonathan Bush, the 
President’s uncle.  Donaldson was a member of The Order’s “D-121” ­ the class of 1953. 
Delegations are named for the number of years between when the members joined and 
1832, The Order’s inception.

Upon graduation from Yale, Donaldson worked at the Wall Street firm of G.H. Walker, 
former President Bush’s grandfather.  The former president was an upperclassman at 
Yale’s Skull & Bones secret society when Donaldson was “tapped” to become one of the 
15 new members chosen each year.

Six years after leaving Yale, Donaldson and Dan Lufkin, another member of The Order, 
the two Bonesmen teamed up with Dick Jenrette, a graduate of Harvard Business School, 
to launch the Wall Street investment firm Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette.

In 1973, Donaldson was appointed undersecretary of state under Henry Kissinger in the 
administration of Gerald Ford.  Ford, who was appointed as Vice President when Spiro 
Agnew resigned, became president when Richard Nixon resigned during the Watergate 
scandal.  Nelson Rockefeller was appointed as the new vice president.  William 
Donaldson was assigned to help Rockefeller’s transition into the vice presidency.

Donaldson is just the latest Bonesman to join the Bush White House team.  Immediately 
after his inauguration in January 2001, President Bush’s first social gathering in the 
White House was his 1968 class of Bonesmen.  Edward McNally, general counsel of the 
Office of Homeland Security and senior associate counsel on national security, is a 
member of The Order.  Roy Austin, Bush’s ambassador to Trinidad, is a member of the 
occult organization.  Evan Galbraith, the Pentagon’s representative in Europe, is also 
a member of The Order.
GWBush:  Member of Yale's Occultic Skull and Bones, and the pagan Bohemian Grove Club 
and blasphemously calls Allah the Almighty God and says that Muslims and Christians 
worship the same God.
But, But, Bush is a good Christian.  Yeah, right.  Ye Shall know them by their fruits.
If you attend a church were the pastor supports Bush, get out of there, run like hell, 
you are in grave danger. Come out of Babylon.

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