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Constance Cumbey shared this information on Solana.  Since she is far ahead of common information on Solana, I would suggest that others check this information out.   Solana is a major sponsor of the one world government part of the New Age movement.  It's arrogance to assume that good information can't come out of the fundamentalist Christian movement.


Ten Days in November 1995

By Constance E. Cumbey

© 2003 – License to reprint and republish granted provided it is without change other than expressly authorized in writing

 On the first day (November 20th, 1995), Javier Solana de Madariaga, acting on behalf of the European Union and Western European Nation, a ten nation federation, signed a treaty binding the European Union and Israel to a "Treaty of Association."  It was scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 1997.  It was finally ratified and implemented in June, 2000

 On the third day, November 22nd, 1995, the Modest and Northern Africa was shaken by a violent earthquake epic entered at Eilat, Israel.  Heads rolled from royal mummies in the Great Pyramid of Giza and its sister monuments.  They had been safely undisturbed for thousands of years.  In a region of the world where three major world religions held forth, such might well be considered an omen – perhaps even a divine warning.  That quake would be soon downplayed.  Perhaps that was because they didn’t want to draw the attention of three major world religions any more than necessary to the EU-Israeli treaty.

 On the seventh day, November 27, 1995, Javier Solana convened the Barcelona Conference.  It had three major goals:

 Battle religious fundamentalism – worldwide;

  • Favorable trading terms for the European nations in the Mediterranean basin
  • Get the USA out of the Mediterranean  

 Although it had requested participant status, the United States was granted observer status only!

 The conference was opened with a distinct attack on the Roman Catholic Church.  Javier Solana observed in his introductory remarks that it was auspicious that the conference had begun on the calling of the 900th anniversary of the first crusade called by Pope Urban II.  “What a lot of intolerance and misunderstanding that caused . . .” opined Dr. Solana.

 Muammar Khaddafy of Libya refused to participate in the event.  “Can’t you idiots see that this is a blatant attempt to gain European hegemony over our region?” he prophetically said.   Five years later, in 2000 he would figuratively crawl to gain Javier Solana’s approval and acceptance as he begged to be accepted into the “European Club.”

 Israel and 26 other nations had joined that European Club as they signed their mutual Barcelona Treaty pact on November 28, 1995.  There was profound gushing by Israel and the PLO to the effect that they had beaten their plowshares into swords.

 Solana had accomplished much in 8 days of late November, 1995.  The omen-like earthquake was suddenly downplayed in the press to one only 6.2 mw in strength rather than the 100-fold increase in magnitude to 7.2 that it really was.  Architects and engineers were left holding the bag.  They were criticized for designing structures that could not withstand a 6.2 quake.

 The United States geological service as well as University of Michigan and Ohio websites continued to record its true magnitude.

 On the 10th day of this cycle, Javier Solana, the leader of the Spanish opposition to NATO, the proud author of a pamphlet entitled 50 REASONS TO SAY NO TO NATO became the new head of NATO.  This was to the immense shock of the Spanish press.

 The Gonzalez government of Spain of which Javier Solana had been a chief architect was going down in shame and scandal.  Javier Solana emerged smelling like a rose as his colleagues went down figuratively smelling like skunks.  Their careers were ending.  His was only beginning.

 Solana had been unanimously picked to be the new head of NATO.  

 Who is Javier Solana?   What do we know about him from the small snippets he has revealed to us?   How did a man this powerful escape, so far, extensive critical public scrutiny?  In the year 2000 he proposed in his solely controlled Western European Union Recommendation 666.  It proposed clearly dictatorial power

             I am writing a book that seeks to fill in a few of those gaps.  I wish shamelessly to inspire necessary scrutiny of Javier Solana.   If any of you out there beat me to it that is ok too.  

 Check it out!  Herb Peter’s website, Fulfilledprophecy.com has many of the clues you need to begin the scavenger hunt!  

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