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important mailing from Cristian; I hope all concerned websites will
offer assistance to blackboxvoting.org via blackboxvoting.com during
this shocking period of suppression; also this matter should be
protested swiftly with various vigorous direct actions; meanwhile,
the satire below in fact seems not-so-gradually coming to pass. --
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Date: Sat Sep 27, 2003 11:01:31 AM Asia/Bangkok
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Subject: Black Box Voting: Diebold shuts down this watchdog website

"Black Box Voting: Diebold shut-down of blackboxvoting.org exceeded
authority (fwd)"

A few days ago, Diebold, Inc. - one of the 3 major electronic voting
machine companies had blackboxvoting.org removed from the net.

blackboxvoting.org is a watchdog organization devoted to monitoring voting
machine companies and voter fraud. it is remarkably disturbing to me, and
should be to anyone who values free and fair elections in a democracy, that
this effort has been silenced and its website's contents confiscated by one
of the very companies it exists to monitor...a company whose CEO stated in
a letter to Ohio state Republicans that he would "deliver Ohio for George
Bush in 2004." (He is a republican and one of George Bush's "rangers" -
those who raise in excess of $200,000 for his re-selection bribery
campaign; Diebold is based in Ohio.)

Spread the word of this far and wide. These people have to know that they
cannot be allowed to do this.


"It is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country from its
government." - Thomas Paine

Here's what you can do to help: Get the word out far and wide that Diebold
has done this thing.

More info: http://www.blackboxvoting.com

1. Diebold issued a pull-down demand under DMCA for the BlackBoxVoting.org
web site, citing a link posted on a forum in the site, claiming that the link
allowed web visitors to visit an unrelated page, containing Diebold internal
memos, which they say they own the copyright to.

2. Not only was BlackBoxVoting.org pulled down, but ALL of the documents,
databases and programming for approximately 500 pages of material, most of
which did not relate to Diebold at all, were confiscated. Dozens of web pages
were pulled down which had nothing whatever to do with the disputed
According to AIT Inc, the parent ISP, their North Carolina attorney,
James Baker
advised them that they should remove the entire web site and disable access to
the FTP so that Bev Harris or Black Box Voting could no longer access their
files (even for the purpose of removing them.)

After a negotiation this morning with Black Box Voting publisher David Allen,
AIT Inc. agreed to reinstate access to the files but still declined to
reinstate the pages of the web site which were not named in the complaint.

3. The confiscated pages included personal contact information for 200
activists, and the private strategy sessions for voting machine activists.
BlackBoxVoting.org has yet to receive any explanation at all as to what
authority they were confiscated under. We demand their immediate return.

"The .org site had an active discussion going on among people from all over
the US and world about election security and flaws found in Diebold's voting
system software. The idea that these discussion boards were confiscated is
rather chilling. The discussions were password protected and not open for
public view.

"In addition to the impact this action will have on the election security
debate, it also may represent the first time the DMCA has been used to shut
down a discussion. Although I don't know much about the DMCA, I do think
it wasn't written with this kind of purpose in mind."

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation

4. Does Diebold even have a legitimate copyright to the memos which the link
led to? Most of the memos in question were written in Canada, and resided on a
server in Canada up to and including 2003 after Diebold bought a Canadian
company called Global Election Systems. In Canada, company correspondence,
even internal memos, is not protected by copyright. To date we have been unable
to find evidence, other than a claim in a letter, that Diebold even owns the
copyright to these memos.

5. These memos are more properly termed "Evidence," because they contain
evidence of a pattern of lawbreaking that dates back at least to 1999.

6. Lexis-Nexis would be a worthwhile exercise now for every one of these
search terms pertaining to the origins of Global Election Systems: This
firm was a
wholly owned subsidiary of North American Professional Technologies, Inc.,
which was in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of MacroTrends Ventures
International, Ltd. Charles Hong Lee is one of the principals with these
firms; He has
been tied in the press to participation in a scheme to bilk immigrants out of
some $47 million; he is also connected with a scandal in which a Mr. Graye was
prosecuted, relating to Vinex Wines. Charles Hong Lee was also involved with
something called "The Vancouver Maneuver," a stock pump & dump scheme that
investors out of millions in connection with an entertainment company and
something called Beverly Development. Charles Hong Lee was a principal with
Global Election Systems, along with the late Clinton Rickards. Talbot Iredale,
currently the V.P. for Research and Development for Diebold Election Systems,
began with the company in 1991, right around the time the Vancouver
Maneuver was
exposed in Barron's magazine. This is the pedigree from whence the Diebold
Memos arose.

Here is a contribution originally from Slashdot, made available for the Black
Box Voting book by Donald Way.

(Diebold: This is satire and meant for entertainment purposes only. If you
would like to spend several more $500-per-hour lawyer fees suing us over
satire, go right ahead.)


Pending: Your vote is now the property of Diebold, Inc. Any attempt on your
part to ascertain the disposition of your vote is hereby declared to be in
violation of federal law, e.g., the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

You have the right not to vote. Any vote you make can be used against you in
a court of law. The judge presiding in such a court of law may be appointed by
Diebold, Inc., and need not require a jury, but if a jury is summoned, it
need not be a jury of your peers.

By acting to vote you consent to our determining whether your vote is valid,
and in the event it is judged not to be valid, you consent to our voiding your
vote and further voiding your right to vote in the future.

You furthermore acknowledge that owing to storage and bandwidth limitations
that Diebold, Inc., may experience, your vote may be digitally compressed in a
way such that your true intent in casting the vote may be lost. If such an
eventuality should occur, your vote may be determined using statistical data
derived from any source we deem appropriate or convenient.

You have the right to protest if your vote is cancelled, altered, or in any
way modified as the result of such action on our part; however, you hereby
acknowledge that in such an eventuality, Diebold, Inc. may determine that your
right to vote is deleterious to democracy as implemented by Diebold, Inc., and
therefore may be considered to be an overt act against the national
security of these United States.

You have 10 seconds to comply.

God Bless America
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