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The Lessons of Wartime For Statecraft Today

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Mr. LaRouche delivered a Memorial Day webcast on May 28, sponsored by his Presidential Campaign Committee LaRouche, in 2004. He spoke by video-conference to an audience of 150 people in Washington, D.C. What follows is a selection from his opening speech, the full version of which may be found at .

The Yiddish Renaissance and Its Enemies

Now let's look at something awful. Let's look, just briefly, at a glimpse of what's going on in Israel and Palestine today. What we have is a short [film] of what is happening in Palestine and Israel now. Let me speak very frankly, because these are frank times, people are being killed, and you don't use soft words to describe hard reality.

A long time ago, in Russia, there was a bad man. His name was Colonel Zubatov. He was the head of a secret police organization which was disbanded, essentially, in that form, after 1905. It was called the Okhrana. This fellow Zubatov recruited an individual called Vladimir Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky became an agent of the Okhrana, which was a British Intelligence-affiliated Russian intelligence organization at the time. A police state.

The main target of the Okhrana at that time were the Jews of Russia. Now the leading organization among the Jews of Eastern Europe, of Russia in particular, was called the Bund, which was based in the northern parts of what was then called Russia. It's known in the United States as the Workmen's Circle organization.

These people represented a formation called the Yiddish Renaissance, which was an extension among Jews of Eastern Europe, of the tradition of Moses Mendelssohn, of the German Jewish tradition of Moses Mendelssohn. And modern European Jewry, in all its achievements, and there were many, was actually largely a result of a revolution in the standards of the Jew, effected through the influence of Moses Mendelssohn, one of the greatest intellectual figures of the 18th Century.

It was through Moses Mendelssohn and his family and friends, that Jews were first allowed to be treated as human beings in Austria. This was by Joseph II of Austria, the Emperor. And similar status of the Jew was finally—the Jew was elevated to a condition in Germany of full dignity. And from that point on, under the influence of Moses Mendelssohn's program, we have some of the greatest music ever composed, because Mozart, Beethoven, other great composers, the circles of the Bach family, were all part of this same tradition, this so-called Classical tradition, which was linked to this Jewish circle of Moses Mendelssohn.

For example, Schubert—some of the songs of the Jewish service, were composed with the aid of Franz Schubert. Mozart was closely allied with the Mendelssohn family. Beethoven was subsidized, in part, by Itzig, from Leipzig, a part of the extended Mendelssohn family. The great contribution of German Jewish physicians, scientists, and others, like Heinrich Heine and others, to the culture of Europe, and civilization as a whole, as well as Germany, came from these people. And we had in Eastern Europe, what was called the Yiddish Renaissance.

The same tradition, with the famous, famous name like Sholem Aleichem, famous in the United States in particular. Many of the people who came here, who were Jews from Europe, came from Germany, originally, and later came in great numbers from the Yiddish Renaissance masses of Europe. Even into the 1960s, in the mobilization around Martin Luther King, for civil rights in the United States, the Jewish unit, the Jewish element, in the fight for civil rights of African-Americans, came largely from the legacy of the Yiddish Renaissance, of the immigrants of the Yiddish Renaissance, into the United States.

The Heirs of Jabotinsky

So, here's the great tradition against which the Okhrana was fighting, Zubatov was fighting, and Jabotinsky was an agent. Jabotinsky then, as an agent, went to Paris, where he worked for one of the worst Okhrana agents in the world, the fellow who wrote and published the so-called "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." He then became involved, among other things, in a British Intelligence operation called the Young Turks, in Turkey. He was the publisher of the magazine, of the official magazine, of the Young Turk movement. He went to Italy, where he became a close associate of Benito Mussolini, declared himself a fascist, like Mussolini. His organization in Italy became an integral part of the fascist military organization in Italy. He—when Hitler was first elected to office, or nominated to office in Germany—he offered to support Hitler if Hitler would drop the anti-Semitism. This guy Jabotinsky, the Jabotinsky movement, is a fascist movement.

This movement went, along with others, into Israel, in the settlements in Israel, and became the terrorist wing of Israel which is associated with this terrorist Menachem Begin. Remember Menachem Begin? The fellow who bombed the King David Hotel, and there was the British Governor of this region, or this area, sitting up in his bathtub, and they bombed the hotel. The hotel did not fall down completely, but there's this fellow sitting up in his bathtub, with the building fallen down around him.

So these guys were really killers. What happened is, in the course of developments from about 1967 through about ten years later, the traditional Zionists, like Nahum Goldmann, the founder of Zionism, of that type, these types were pushed out of the dominant position of power, and a group called the Likud, which incorporated the ideas and aspirations and moods of these fascists, declared fascists, became more and more a power in Israel.

Ariel Sharon represents that fascist movement. What you're seeing, or what you could have seen, on the screen, is a copy of an operation which the Nazis of Germany ran against the Jewish ghetto of Warsaw in 1943, which is now being conducted by the fascist Sharon against the Jewish ghettos, or these Palestinian ghettos of the Middle East, Israel and Palestine. And people are saying, if you're against Sharon, you're an anti-Semite. These people are liars. They are moral degenerates. It's not forgivable. For someone who says, "I'm Jewish, I'm fighting for the Jewish people," to do what the Jabotinsky movement did, as an avowed fascist movement, a Jabotinsky who was turned down by Hitler, because Hitler wouldn't give up the anti-Semitism. And to perpetrate a crime, which the Israeli Defense Forces know, is an actual copy of the operation which the Nazis ran against the Jewish ghetto of Warsaw, against the Palestinian people. This is a crime against humanity. This is genocide. And when someone says, "If you call this genocide, you're an anti-Semite," they're sick.

But the problem here is this: How many people in the United States, for example, will defend Sharon, will defend what the Israelis are doing, while other Israelis are risking their lives opposing this, saying this is wrong? Remember, the Sharon government, came to power indirectly, through the terrorist assassination of Prime Minister Rabin of Israel, who recognized that this kind of thing must not happen. You have a terrorist government, a government that came to power through terrorism, the murder of a Prime Minister of Israel, and the crime has never been exculpated. You have in effect a criminal, fascist government in charge in Israel. Period. Don't talk about democracy, the President's misinformed. He should send Condoleezza Rice back to school to learn something, eh? Get some better advice.

So this is the kind of problem we face. But worse is, that not only are people in the United States expressing mass sympathy for this thing, including some of the worst anti-Semites in the United States, who are called the Christian Zionists. You want to find a real racist, anti-Semite, in the United States? Find yourself a Christian Zionist. You'll find among them, the typical Ku Klux Klan types, who also happen to be anti-Semites. These are the guys, the Pat Robertsons, the Falwells, and so forth, who're implicitly fascist themselves. And many Americans have fallen for it.

Worse than that, we have a military policy which is wrong. We don't have a strategic defense policy. We don't have an economy which is geared up to provide the sinews of strategic defense. We do not have a peace policy for the world. We—if I were President of the United States today—we would be bringing the world together, and it would be successful. Because the world wants it. The United States still has an authority and a legacy. If it became itself once again and said, we must have a solution to this worldwide financial-economic crisis, we must have peace and cooperation on this planet, nations all over the world, peoples all over the world, would rejoice and join us. We have that kind of power. So why aren't we using it? ...

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