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While most of the news-anchors continually parade the few
children who gave interviews that mention, "They were out
to kill jocks and blacks", there remains the incredible (and
yet generally untold) story of one of the still unnamed four
girls that were killed.

This information came from a series of exerpted interview
clips played by local radio station 630 K-HOW........

Yelling, "Everyone, hide, HIDE!!!", a teacher had entered into the room
just prior to the gunman.  The girl being interviewed was reportedly in
the library, and described what took place after the initial flurry of
had come to a temporary halt.  In the moments of silence which followed,
one of the gunman asked, "Does anybody in here believe in Christ?", the
girl then described that, to her suprise, her friend who was hiding beside
her stood up and said, "I do, I believe in Jesus."

"He shot her right then, and she fell down right beside me".

Apparently, the media thinks that the gunning down of this girl for her
Christian belief is no more of a hate-crime than the kid who gunned
down the group of Christian students as they prayed....

Which brings us to our next subject:


While the Internet buzzed with reports of the suspects being homosexuals,
the students themselves have yet to report this to be true.  Interestingly, it
is rather odd that out of the plethora of news clips in cirulation through
media in Denver, that not ONE national broadcast has re-aired the comments
of MANY students which stated that the suspects: "Were Anti-God", and
"Were really Satanic"; "were satanists".

After watching the national talking-heads tell the nation what
supposedly happened in Littleton, Colorado, it is clear that
events are already being re-written ala "three bombs found
inside the Murrah Federal Buildi...Uh..Um...I mean, one big
fertilizer bomb parked outside" style.

For clarity, let's make sure that no one forgets that, the first reports which
aired LIVE here in Denver-- from students who were INSIDE Columbine
High as the shooting began, reported a MAN -- an ADULT, dressed in a
black trench coat.  Let us not forget the "on the fly" reports (hard to con-
trol, hard to "doctor" afterwards), which informed us that the police claim-
ed to have CAPTURED this "suspect" in the park behind the High School.

There are now, officially, NO OTHER suspects.

BOTH suspects are deceased, and it is for this reason that crime
scene investigators now tell us that, "We have no idea why this
massacre occurred, because our only suspects are dead."

Also, it is interesting that students reported that
the suspects entered the building MASKED.


Dead suspects bring us to "Chad", who, at apparent risk of his job, was
interviewed on local radio 630 K-HOW, by a fill-in air-jockey/talk show
host by the name of John Kildare.

"Chad" appeared to have inside information on the crime scene, and
stated that he works for one of the mortuaries that was a contracted
by the City of Littleton for the removal of the students bodies at the
crime scene.

Kildare was direct in asking Chad about the status of the suspects
bodies, at which time Chad told the listening audience that: "One
suspect, was shot in the head.  The other had a shot-gun blast in
the chest, and was ALSO shot in the head."  (Emphasis added.)

If this is true, then one of these Trenchcoats became a turncoat,
who blasted his partner in crime before killing himself.  Of course,
if there *was* a third male ADULT suspect....


Jargon is a funny thing.  "Yardsale", to most would be the event in
which you take a bunch of your old junk, and scatter it on the lawn,
and try to sell it (before taking it the last few steps to the trash).

"Yardsale"-- to a snowboarder in Colorado, means that you wiped
out so hard that ALL your gear got scattered....."yardsale".

For what it's worth...

While the Hitler birthday (4-20) connection has already been made,
we should also be aware that 420 is jargon amongst the youth which
means "Marijuana."


The national news broadcasts are quick to identify the American public
with the faces of those who come aboard to tell how horrifying the event
was, but there seems to be a purposeful exclusion of the students (and
parents), who are outraged that this event has *even* taken place.

Their rage brews from the fact that many students had reported death
threats by the suspects themselves, only days BEFORE of the shooting.

On local interviews, students have described the constant "war" that
went on amongst the Trenchcoat's Mafia.  Students have reported
that the Mafia "chased each other through the halls with fake guns
all the time".

This writer has personally witnessed live interviews where students
reported that Trenchcoat Mafia members said to them, "On 4-20,
you will know whether you live or die."

Other students said, "We have all talked about it,
but we never thought that they were going to do it."

In an Associated Press story written by Robin McDowell, 17-year-old
Junior at Columbine High-- Wes Lammers, revealed the following:

``They're really dark people,...*...There were a lot of
jokes that one day they might snap or something.''

Let's total up the score:

     1) The Trenchcoat Mafia are known by a
         majority of students to be Satanists.

     2) The Trenchcoat Mafia made death threats
         to students, at which time the students
         and the parents reported said action.

     3) The Trenchcoat Mafia were known for casing
         out the school, for their mock-wars, in which
         they would run through the halls shooting
         (albeit) fake guns.

     4) The Trenchcoat Mafia makes a video including their new,
         and NOT fake guns-- to fulfill a classroom assignment.

     5)  A majority of students were aware of the video, and of the
          content-- which probably included the very guns that some
          of them may have been shot with.

     6)  A night janitor reported seeing someone in a black
          trench coat, inside the school the night prior to
          the shooting (exclusive report to 9NEWS).

Shouldn't SOMEONE have seen the signs?

And yet, this is the tell-tale story of these continued High School
shootings.  Everyone seems to have 20/20 vision afterwards.


Many people have already speculated the possible use of mind-control.

We would first be foolish not to address the fact that these
Trenchcoats had grown effecient at being outcasts.

Again, from an Associated Press story written by Robin McDowell,
Josh Nielsen, another 17-year-old junior, said: ``They're not well-liked
in the school and no one treated them well.''

Of course, being unpopular isn't quite a motive for murder in the minds
of youth's majority, but in several of the recent High School shootings,
it appears to be a motivating factor.

Let's take in one more AP quote.

Student Andrew Beard, said Harris and Klebold often said they ``hated the
jocks'' ``because they thought they could do anything they wanted, walk
through life smoothly.''

We must point out the irony of this statement.  A large percentage of
these kids' bedrooms, look like the majority of our living rooms.  Make
note of the fact that when you see these students and teachers saying,
"It always happens somewhere else, it doesn't happen HERE", it is
because this area of metro-Denver happens to belong to the somewhat
affluent.  Columbine High, afterall, was the ONLY school visited by the
Clinton clan while they were in town.

The fact that one of the alleged shooters had made comments about
"jocks" getting "anything they want", is a little silly, considering that
the morning of the shooting, this suspect drove to school a BMW
that most of us will never own-- let alone rig with an explosive device.

The point here is that, what those within the ranks
of the Trenchcoat Mafia desired was not monetary.


We might wonder whether these social outcasts had donned their now
infamous trench coats as a visible symbol of their unity amidst their so-
cial rejection, or, whether their attire--and possibly subsequent attitude--
served as a veritable wall, erected from within, between the Trenchcoats
and those who they ultimately desired to share a common bond with.

In either case, the Trenchcoats were certainly fertile ground for
manipulation.  While the likes of MK-ULTRA may be a possibility,
it could be more likely that this group was exploited by the oldest
mind-control in the recipe book.


To complete the recipe, you will require the following:

First, select a few dejected youth who realize that their parents money
fails to by them everything to make them feel whole.  Youths must also
have endured solid and continued rejection by their peers. (It doesn't
matter who started or caused the rejection).

     1) Add 1 part identity (trenchcoat)

     2) Add 1 part fear tactics against peers
        (Mafia--mock hallway shootouts, gun brandishing video)

     3) Add 1 part Agent Provocateur.

The Agent Provocateur can be used a number of ways to complete
the recipe.  Some choose to have the Agent Provocateur be an older
friend who incites violent and malicious feelings; this Agent might also
be used to show students how to make pipe-bombs.

Others will use the Agent to actually take part of the shooting....

Of course, the Provocateur gets away in the midst of the early confusion;
And, even though local coverage of the event showed Denverites that the
Agent was apprehended, the media will help/make everyone remember
that it was only two suspects and NOT three.

FINAL RECIPE NOTE: When adding Agent Provocateur is not plausible,
                                  just let ingredients (1) and (2) stew over
                                  computer games and video rentals which
                                  the mind that there is a soft and amusing
side to
                                  gun violence.

Finally, if we are to even give a moments notice to any conspiracy
theory on this shooting, we must ask ourselves the MOTIVES
behind those who allowed the shooting to occur.

     1) The Concealed-Carry Legislation.  There is far more to this picture
         than meets the eye.  Here in Denver, we knew that this legislation
         had a VERY good chance.  Even though the nationals have made
         note of the Concealed-Carry Legislation, what most people do not
         know is that within this legislation, were paragraphs which
         ly repealed the Denver ban on assault rifles.

     2) The Concealed-Carry Legislation, if passed, was WELL-KNOWN to
         already be in the works in several other states--with Colorado's new
         legislation setting a VERY UNWANTED precedent and goal.

     3) One of the big whining points of the anti-gun constituency, is that
         Colorado is a big "sport" state, and we don't want people with guns
         at sporting events.  Afterall, they might get mad.  Now, immediately
         after the Columbine shooting, ALL sporting events were cancelled.

         In Denver, as you watch the newscast, other headlines scroll across
         the bottom of the screen in print.  Now, rather than these headlines
         reading, "Out of respect for the children at Columbine, sporting
         have been cancelled", the headlines read, "Due to the gun violence,
         all sporting events have been cancelled."  There is a profound
         ence.  In the minds of the mindless, they equated GUNS with their

         OWN DEPRAVATION of SPORTS.   Point served.

     3) The National Rifle Association's annual convention, slated for
         Denver in weeks, was effectively cancelled.  I sincerely believe
         that the powers that be, saw momentum building which did not
         serve their purposes at all.

     4) Our new Governor Bill Owens, who effectively slapped some of
         the N.W.O. crowd in the face as he stopped the sale of Colorado
         Driver's License pictures for profit, has been sent a clear message
         regarding his unwillingness to play ball.  Keep in mind, that Owens
         has voiced exceptionally clear pro-gun and pro-life opinions.

     5) Our old (and despicable) Mayor Webb, turned the emotion of
         tonights Civic Center prayer vigil into an anti-gun ralley.

     6) Janet Reno landed in Denver, at DIA tonight sometime after 6:30 p.m.

     7) Colorado awarded 1 million dollars in state aid.

As the 2nd Amendment continues to suffer in the balance, and with the
current above manipulations already in a mode of success, it should not
suprise us that "art" and "music" are already being targeted *as well*.

Why NOT...?  Afterall, the first seven parts of the agenda against the
2nd Amendment SAILED past the mindless masses within 72 hours
of the initial SPIN.  If they are that stupid, WHY NOT begin condition-
ing the sheople against their 1st Amendment as well?

Emotion makes EXCELLENT LAW.  <---written by the same guy who said:
                                                                "Work makes
you FREE"


Whether the Trenchcoat Mafia were Manchurian Candidates or not,
it is certain that their actions have been, and will continue to be ex-
ploited by those who desire to disarm the American public.

More than disgusting, are those bullet-proof vested ninnies who are
PAYED to "protect and serve", that stood outside where it was
safe while children were trapped inside still being shot at; who
for nearly six (6) hours stayed outside while children layed inside
bleeding to death.

It is also obvious that there were plenty of signs on the wall, and
considering that even the janitor was suspicious of "something
big happening", we are forced to speculate why this event was
allowed to take place.

In a world where ulterior motives lurk behind every corner,
I am never quite sure of where anyone stands....

Except tonight, as I know that the girl who stood up and
proclaimed Jesus Christ to the barrel of a gun, stands at
the Right hand of my Father.  I hope to see her there.

In Hope and Love.
Keep the Faith, brethren.

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