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The following is taken from:
Microcom's Space Newsfeed - Terrorist Attacks on USA 16 Sep 2001
The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York and the Pentagon have shocked and horrified us all. The attacks also caused disruption for satellite and space companies across the USA.
A) Someone had access to some highly classified frequencies.
B) Cell phones utilize these kinds of over-the-horizon electromagnetic waves.
C) Global Hawk, a remote control technology, uses the same.
D) Chemtrails facilitate such by creating what the USAF calls artificial ionospheric mirrors, a signal bouncing process that deliberately charges our troposphere in certain spots.
Space stations were having problems with these airwaves.  Global Hawk would have needed to have clear airwaves to ENSURE proper signal transmission and reception to the remotely operated planes.  Yet, there was no problem for small-scale transmissions like cell phones.  Hmm...
Operation Two Towers
1. Introduction
2. A little about me
3. A version of the events of 9-11 that has been widely suppressed
1. Introduction
I know this is voluminous and it may be some theory that you have not heard of.  I also am aware of the tendency of almost anyone to hold onto the outlook they have so far built.  I have been guilty of it at times myself.
I also know that there are elements to the theory I am about to present to you that you HAVE already heard but I argue that they have been argued badly in the past and often by general kooks.  Please avoid the temptation to jump to conclusions about what exactly MY conclusions are.  My research is unique though others have used large portions of it in extremely unscientific investigations.
Much of this research depends on massive amounts of archived material at Indymedia which, believe it or not, Indymedia has removed almost entirely, this two days after Mike Ruppert threatened to go to Indymedia pressing for its removal.  He did react in a very volatile manner when I suggested that he had been duped but I should state the essence of the delusion that many share: the story that nineteen Arab hijackers pulled off 9-11 was PROVIDED by the Bush administration.  Since Bush was complicit and is a general liar and since the BBC reports that several of those "hijackers" have been found alive (some sources say as many as seven), I consider the entire list suspect and even the story.  Mike Ruppert has denied many opportunities to engage me on points on this debate but in three cases, he has only managed to have me censored.  Draw your own conclusions.
That said, here you go.
2. A little about me
First a little about myself.  You should know my background to see if you are even interested in continuing:
The following is snipped from Agent "Souljah" Smiley's Last Stand
About five years ago, a relative nobody had a great idea, though at the time he had no idea what a great idea it was. Jam Echelon Day came about when I, Eric Stewart (going as Robert Kemp), while listening in on the Hacktivism listserv (something that DeClan McCullough had nothing to do with, contrary to his statements), offered to the group that we encourage the world to hit the internet with a bombardment of keywords supposedly in the Echelon dictionary, all in one day, globally.

This landed me a certain degree of fame, and infamy. Today, according to the Homeland Security Act, this would be classified, legally, as terrorism.

Jam Echelon Day was a great success, in that it brought Echelon from the depths of rightist conspiranoia theory straight onto the set of Sixty Minutes. It was a huge bane for myself in that during the following five years I would be subject to every type of harrassment imaginable both digital and psychological.

Since then I have covered U.S. domestic psychological operations (my backlash against their tactics was to study their harrassments tediously in order to learn better, and to report how we are manipulated), Operation Two Towers (September 11, 2001), and weather modification, amongst a number of other issues. In nearly all cases, I came too close to the truth for the establishment to ignore and, often, too close for the established "resistance" to ally with.

In that time I have lost roughly forty email addresses and six listservs, all due to digital aggression.

Most recently, as I expressed to my latest list that I would be on a several-week retreat, Yahoo chose again to silence me. I only grow stronger.

Again, by no stretch had there been a violation of the terms of service as outlined by Yahoo, unless by some stretch some clause is meant to be understood as, "Thou shalt not make waves."
Electrostatic: "ONE DOES NOT GET ATTACKED SO FOR BEING OFF COURSE. I am publishing sensitive material, sensitive to the Bush cartel, hiding behind a facade of national security. This is it folks. This is the information that the international order, the group that smacked our psyches upside the head on September 11, 2001, does not want out there."

I am not posting as electrostatic merely because the password for my Memes.org account is a long series of numbers and letters that I have not memorized and that password is in my no-longer accesible Linuxmail.org account. As most of you know I, Eric Stewart (Souljah or Agent Smiley or Electrostatic) have done quite a jig of an effort trying to stay involved in the online activist community, forging forward through the hacking and destruction of some forty of my email addies and some seven listservs.

I wrote this a few days ago, to my new list:

"While I have had some seven listservs censored by various listserv hosts (mostly by Yahoo), I expect this one to survive merely because I have a sense of trust with the admin at http://lists.riseup.net/

That is not to say that I won't wake up one morning and find that, suddenly, my passwords at moderator addies no longer work. Therefore, presuming that I have little time to work with, I will post here some rather dense and concentrated bits of information that just might be a little mindblowing. What I have to put out here took me some three years to assemble and I cannot imagine how I would have received this information had it all been presented to me in a matter of a few days. Some of you may have to rework your worldviews in order to accept the information that will be passed on via this list regarding September 11, 2001.

and it is archived at

Now, two days later, exactly that has occurred: I have lost the password to the account that moderates the Whistleblowers list ( bigmedicine (at) linuxmail.org ). Had it happened a day later, I would not have suffered much as I was in the process of setting up a new, secret moderator addy for the list but, alas, it is now too late. I can no longer approve list subscriptions nor can I approve new members; the list is effectively dead.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, if indeed the previous information does not do so: ONE DOES NOT GET ATTACKED SO FOR BEING OFF COURSE. I am publishing sensitive material, sensitive to the Bush cartel, hiding behind a facade of national security. This is it folks. This is the information that the international order, the group that smacked our psyches upside the head on September 11, 2001, does not want out there.

I should know; I am writing my tenth or so such letter to you, the online activist community, about losing access due to putting out the kind of information that TRULY empowers voters and consumers, i.e. the grisly truth.
~I garnered governmental attention by fathering a stunt commonly known as Jam Echelon Day. Cooked up in the fall of 1999, it was a largely publicity oriented campaign designed to shed some light on a system of electronic surveillance that had gone on unchecked, indeed even unrecognized for too long. Since it is harder for someone to get information from you that you wish kept secret if you know that they are there, we dove headlong into it and by "we" I mean myself and Grant Bayley - HTML designer for the original JED website at wiretapped.net. Of course, after its launch, the world took over spreading the word. Six months or so later, Echelon was detailed on Sixty Minutes having gone from being a nutty conspiracy theory to knowledge in the public domain. It is the kind of thing that will get you on the shit list of the powerful.~

The original campaign

The village voice on the event: an article based on a by-phone interview i conducted with Sarah Ferguson under the name of robert kemp

~This accomplished another thing that I consider important: the spreading of some revolutionary memes or paradigms. Firstly, some people became acquainted, for the first time, with the notion that two people who were not among the "powerful" could spark a global movement. Secondly, that the campaign was taken up globally in several languages said to the world, "We can be one."

Needless to say, these paradigms are the enemy of social control. We made the National Security Agency look bad and in the ensuing three years I would be subject to an insidious variety of psychological operations designed to destabilize and discredit. Various manner of confusing techniques would be used after a few months of having operatives "befriend" me in order to discover what made me tick. By getting an idea of my belief system it would become easier to undo my "uppitiness." I would be targeted for "re-education."

A program designed to track down corporate critics called Cybersleuth would enable such entities to track me for such purposes. The ability to pin-point the geographical precision your detractors was used as one of the selling points in the marketing of this program. I would later read that the CIA used the term "re-education" to mean, quite literally, brainwashing.~

Cybersleuth is where the following paragraph is quoted from:

Tracking so-called "perpetrators" is also part of the service, says eWatch National Product Manager Ted Skinner. That´s done by "using a variety of methods, such as following leads found in postings and Web sites, working with ISPs, involving law enforcement, conducting virtual stings and other tactics," he says.

~There is a man named James Glave that writes for Wired magazine and it was wired that first picked up our campaign. James Glave was on the Hacktivism list during all discussions of the planned event so he was in on all of the information from the get go. Yet, when he wrote the article for Wired, entitled ´Hackers Ascend Upper Echelon,´ the text contained grossly innacurate information. For one, the event was said to have been initiated by Linda Thompson´s American Justice Federation, a right-wing tank of people that I would come, over the years, to know as fame-starved and unscrupulous. Linda Thompson was not on the list nor was she involved in any way. Also, the date of the event was misrepresented as October 18, 1999 instead of October 21 as per the globally distributed alert. This was designed, in my opinion, to have the following effects:

1. By attributing the event to the AJF and associating it with Linda Thompson, it would be sneered at, even laughed at as just another right-wing paranoia push.

2. By claiming the date as October 18 instead of October 21, confusion would be wrought taking steam out of the campaign.

3. With the date switch, the side sought-after affect of Jam Echelon Day which was that, in case it DID create logistical problems for the NSA´s computers this would allow for organizers of the NEXT DAY´S Stop Police Brutality Day to plan with less spooky oversight.~

~What I would later find out is that Wired magazine employs a significant amount of ex-NSA employees.~

Robert Kemp ( [EMAIL PROTECTED])
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 13:38:01 EDT

~The above link refers to the disinformation campaign that I speak of. In response to the dissemination of this second alert, James Glave´s cronie [EMAIL PROTECTED] would email me and threaten me, albeit vaguely. Over the next three years I would have some twenty email accounts hacked into, have passwords changed, etc.

Considering that the NSA is the world´s largest employer of mathemeticians and that the NSA is the premier governmental surveillance outfit - AND that the internet WAS devised by the Department of Defense, it is no surprise that I would be easily tracked over the next three years of travelling and "worked on." Perhaps I should have taken heed early in the campaign. After posting the alert to about fifty newsgroups, I arrived at a newsgroup entitled NSA-info (if I recall correctly). As the newsgroup´s window popped up on my screen I noticed that someone had posted something entitled ´Echelon´ just two minutes prior to my own arrival at the newsgroup. "How serendipitous," I thought. All the text read was "Listening..."
See also:
PLEASE HELP - DEATH THREAT - from Jan 25, 2003
Michigan IMC: newswire/3323 (WHISTLEBLOWER UNDER HEAVY CYBERATTACK) from Sep 25, 2003

3. A version of the events of 9-11 that has been widely suppressed
Alternative research (much of which I am sure many are sick of hearing about - understandably) suggests a connection between Mitre Corporation and the events of that fateful day.  The first two people to testify to the 9-11 Commission were John Deutch, formerly of Mitre Corp. and John Schlesinger, CURRENTLY of Mitre Corp.  They set the tone of the commission; they helped to set the parameters of the investigation, conveniently.  I have provided references, much of which is my OWN research.  It is hampered by the fact that among my research there are numerous links to sites I posted at Indymedia, url's that have been DELETED by Indymedia.  One day I awoke to find that they had removed everything I had ever archived there which was an ENORMOUS amount of research.  'Tis sad.  Believe it or not, it was done at the request of Michael Ruppert, a man who has had me censored in several forums.
Why would he do such a thing?  Think about it: on September 11, 2001 the president of our country told us that the activities of that day were conducted by nineteen Arab hijackers (according to the BBC, at least four of them have been found alive, complaining of the allegations - casting suspicion on the entire list, in many opinions) and, as much dirt as Ruppert has put out on that day, he DID pick up the official story, immediately (he viciously denies that the Bush administration could have lied about that particular item), and expounded on the OFFICIAL COVER STORY.  MY research implicates the first man he talked to after the event (Warren Buffet) who, oddly, was sitting at United States Strategic Command at that moment, with personal friends that happened to be CEO's that, normally, would have been working at the World Trade Center had they not been there.  He is one of the primary investors in Mitre Corporation (a corporation with non-profit status) and Mitre is one of the main think tanks for the development of UAV's, unmanned aerial vehicles.  Need I say more?
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States ...
... Training in the US). Private Sector Experience on 9-11: ... of US Intelligence: James R. Schlesinger, Chairman, MITRE ... John M. Deutch, Professor of Chemistry, MIT, and ...
www.globalsecurity.org/security/ library/congress/9-11_commission/ - 37k - Cached - Similar pages
9-11, John Deutch, Mitre Corp., and the NRO :: Memes.org :: Memes ...
... interviewed by the bogus 9-11 hearings now taking place were John Deutch , formerly of Mitre Corp., and, CURRENTLY from Mitre Corp., James R. Schlesinger. ...
memes.org/modules.php?op=modload& name=News&file=article&sid=2102 - 54k - Cached - Similar pages
I have much more research that I have compiled that I will provide to you if you are further interested.  In addition, here are a couple of my own websites, authored in word and HTML by yours truly.
Operation Two Towers
Falls Church, VA and 9-11
Damning Evidence of Warren Buffet 9-11 Role
Does Al Qaeda Exist?
The last site is the item that I last posted to Indymedia.  Within a day Ruppert had launched a smear campaign against me on the listservs that we were mutually subscribed to and within a day, for the first time that I know of, Indymedia engaged in censorship.
You have been lied to by people that are experts at lying.  NO ONE is immune to manipulation.  I merely was in a good position at the time of the attacks to notice a few things that others weren't.  I hope you will consider my research.  I am willing to answer any questions you might have.
Thank you.
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