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Beslan Psyop and Jakarta Nuke Reports Imminent
For all those who have emailed me, a brief summary of these reports is
provided below. Accurate analysis takes time, so please be patient
Copyright Joe Vialls, 10 September 2004
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            At  9 a.m. on September 1, 2004, Beslan school in southern Russia was seized by a group of unknown terrorists. Shots were exchanged with local police and death toll reports ranged from two to eight. Russian Special Forces secured he perimeter and, despite continual goading by western media, decided to sit it out. This was logical and correct tactical behavior, meaning that any subsequent deaths would be attributed directly to the terrorists within, rather than to Russian Special Forces. All mobile phones were confiscated by the terrorists and a single land line was used for communications, meaning that no one outside the compound could possibly know what was happening inside.
            Fifty-two hours later at 1 p.m. on September 3, paramedics were lured into the outer school compound by the terrorists to "retrieve bodies of dead hostages that have been lying in front of the building for two days".  Explosions were heard immediately after their entry, and then the impossible happened.
            At 1.05 p.m., from outside the Special Forces exclusion zone, BBC reporters told us all live- to-air that the terrorists within had "detonated bombs located in the school basketball hoops, killing several emergency service workers [the paramedics]". At that precise stage in the proceedings the only way that the English media voice [allegedly from the BBC] could have known about basketball hoop bombs, was if he was an integral part of the terrorist team.
            Remember here that even Russian Special Forces did not know about these bombs until 50 minutes later, when they were finally coerced into storming the school gymnasium. And as the Russian Special Forces unit stormed the building, 19 of its members were killed by shots in the back, thereby opening up a gap in the perimeter through which many of the terrorists excaped. It was remarkably accurate shooting from the rear, at high elevation and long range.
            On September 8, five days after the initial attack, startled viewers in the west were suddenly shown broadcast quality video footage from inside the gymnasium during the siege itself. It was pure shock and awe footage, psychologically reinforcing the deliberately manufactured belief that Muslims in general are 'evil terrorists who attack unarmed women and children'.
            No, they are not. This artistic broadcast-quality psychological creation was first put to air by Moscow Television in Russia, but only after it had been delivered from Georgia, by scheduled airline via London. 
Full report will hopefully be published  in 1-2 days
Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia
Jakarta, Indonesia
              At 10.30 a.m. local time on Thursday September 9, a miniature fireball formed in the sewers ten feet below the street outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. As the weapon went critical with an ultrasonic screech and the fireball reached half the temperature of the sun, a huge chunk of atomized roadbed was blown out at nearly one million feet per second, shaking the  ground up to one mile away, and causing hearing impairment at ranges out to five miles.
             The hypersonic micro shrapnel and blast wave effect from the ten foot-deep crater was so massive, that every toughened laminated glass pane in every window within 500 yards was completely shattered, leaving the structural integrity of the buildings severely compromised. Forewarned by earlier micro nuclear devices detonated in Bali and the Jakarta Marriott hotel, security forces moved swiftly to remove the public from the residual radiation zone.
            This time around the media was not quite so easily fooled, with reporters openly questioning exactly what the weapon actually was. One English female reporter who was only 200 yards away when the device went critical, said in a shaking voice, "It was terrible. All the air was sucked out of my lungs and I felt as if I was choking ... peope are saying it was a car bomb but I'm not sure ... Oh God, there are dead bodies all around me..."
            Though the motive for this latest Plutonium 239 donation from Dimona might not be clear to many Americans and Europeans, it certainly is to most Australians. In just a few weeks time Australia is due to hold a General Election, with the challenging opposition leader openly declaring his intent to pull Australia's armed forces out of Iraq before Christmas.
           Clearly the Zionist Cabal in New York is not prepared to let this happen, and needs to keep its current obsequious lackey, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, in office. The problem is that just about everyone in Australia knows that Iraq is now a basket case with more than 600 attacks on American, British and Australian troops every month, so Howard has  been obliged to keep his mouth shut about Baghdad and the 'War on Terror', lest he accidentally lose a couple of million votes.
            As of this morning all that has changed, with Little Johnny able to once more shake his fist angrily while lashing out at the fictional south-east Asian group 'Jemaah Islamiyah', itself in turn allegedly a subordinate faction of the equally fictional 'al-Qaeda'. So the 'War on Terror' is now firmly back on the Australian menu, allowing John Howard to look as stupid as George W. Bush. It won't make any difference in the long term of course, but desperate men do desperate things, and nowadays there are none quite so desperate as the Zionist Cabal in New York. 
Full report will hopefully be published  in 3-5 days
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