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Volume 5 ofÂ
Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? is currently available for $30. Please e-mail Peter at the above address if you would like a copy.

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Peter Farley, Roswell, NM

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Peter's services is available at this link and his biography can be seen by clicking the picture.

Peter's article on the Mormons and Masons will be in the Dec issue of PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader on bookstore shelves soon
Peter has asked that Suzy Ward's Channelings from her son Matthew be posted

For the latest Channelings by Lindsey Hudson with help from Peter, see:
1.ÂÂÂÂÂHumanity vs. The New World Order
2.ÂÂÂ Little Green Men: The Cover-up Continues
3.ÂÂÂÂÂTo Serve Man â Aliens and the New World Order
4.ÂÂÂÂÂChoice: The War Continues
5.ÂÂÂÂÂEarth Changes
6.ÂÂÂÂÂEarth in the Balance: The Coming Earth Changes
7.ÂÂÂÂÂAliens and the Galactic Neighborhood
8.ÂÂÂÂÂRoswell and the Keys to the UniverseÂ
9.ÂÂÂÂÂChemtrails â Merry Xmas and Happy New Year:
A Declaration of War/A Step Toward the New Paradigm
10.ÂÂANASAZI: A journey into forgiveness
11.ÂÂDateline: The New Millennium
12.ÂÂNIBIRU: Getting Rid of the Smoke and Mirrors
13.ÂÂChildren of the Lesser Gods
14.ÂÂModern Media and the Preparation for Contact
15.ÂÂChemtrails Explained: Putting the Pieces Together
16.ÂÂChemtrails and the Return of Spartacus
17.ÂÂSurrenderâThe Key to Ascension
18.ÂÂNeighborhood Snitch
19.ÂÂHumanity Vs the New World OrderâUpdate 2003
âThe War Between Gods and Menâthe true nature of the war at hand.â
20.ÂÂZero Point Time and The Healing of the Human Form
21.ÂÂStrangers in a Strange LandâAlien-Nation # 2
22.ÂÂThe Mormon-Masonic Connection
23.ÂÂThe Importance of Place to the New World Order
24.ÂÂYour Health & the New World Order
25.ÂÂThe War of Lies: Propaganda and the Control of Men (Pt 1)
26.ÂÂThe Fourth Reich and the New World Order
27.ÂÂEverything Old is New Again
28.ÂÂSpirit and the Human Body â All Joking Aside
29.ÂHumanity vs The New World Order As it stands â Christmas 2001
30.ÂÂThe Environment and the New World Order --The New âTerroristâ ThreatÂ
31.ÂOklahoma and New York CitiesâMurder in the First Degree
Ritual Sacrifice and the New World OrderÂÂÂ
32.ÂÂSomewhere In Between:ÂÂ Religion vs. Science and the Alien Question
33.ÂÂAbductees, Implants and Other Alien Stuff
34.ÂÂHumanity VS The New World Order: Mind Control and Ritual Child Abuse
--The True Weapons of Mass DestructionÂÂÂÂÂ
35.Â"Original Heart"
36.ÂÂBy Way of Explanation #1:Â
The Illuminati Elite and the "Good" OrganizationsÂÂÂ
37. Atlantean Temple Technology and Our New-Old Invention
38.ÂÂ Confessions of a 'Turtle People'
39.ÂÂ Judgment & Control
40.ÂÂ A Thought and Two Prophecies
41.ÂÂ Questions and Answers and Our Own Spiritual GuidanceÂ
42.ÂÂ Worlds in Transition
43.ÂÂ The True Nature of Planet Earth Part 1
44.ÂÂ The Tree DiesÂÂ
45.ÂÂ Philadelphia Experiment Day
46.ÂÂ ConfusionÂÂ
47.ÂÂ Little Bits of Truth
48.ÂÂ Australia's Role in the New World OrderÂÂ
49.ÂÂ Freemasonry and The IlluminatiÂÂ
50.ÂÂ Vortexes, Space, and Genuine HeartÂÂ
51.ÂÂ Who do you serve?ÂÂ
52. Spiritual Healing and The True Nature of Planet Earth (#2) Part 1ÂÂ
53. Spiritual Healing and The True Nature of Planet Earth (#2) Part 2ÂÂ
54.ÂÂ Vote For Your Favorite AlienÂÂ
55.ÂÂ Alien Invasion and Mad Cow DiseaseÂÂ
56.ÂÂ Being PreparedÂÂÂ
57.ÂÂ Propaganda:Â And in what way are you controlled?ÂÂ
58.ÂÂ Humanity Vs The New World Order - The Last Installment.Â
59.ÂÂ Tomorrow's God, Earth Changes and Illegal DebtÂÂ
60.ÂÂ Wars and Rumors of Wars: The Next Stage of The NWO Great Plan -- Part 1ÂÂ
61.ÂÂ Chapter Two -- The First SeedsÂÂ

Special Offer for People Overseas

All five of the first volumes of Peter's Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? --The true History of the Darkness and of the Light, are now available on CD with the extra bonus of Spirit Ascending --36 articles by Peter, and his first book, Waking Dreams and the Waking Dream Cards : Finding Answers to Life's Questions Using Your Inner Guidance (written with Sharon King of the Betty Ford Center)
Peter Farley

Peter can be heard at http://www.freespeechradio.net/farley.html
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