-Caveat Lector-

          This film will start shooting in January.  Physics

          super-guru Nikola Tesla will be played by David Bowie.


          It does not appear that this film will delve off into

          the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT or Tesla's patent filed

          in Switzerland in 1896 for a flying saucer.

          Another interesting facet of Tesla's life came on

          July 20 1931 at Tesla's 75th birthday.   TIME MAGAZINE

          devoted a whole edition to Tesla.  In this edition

          Tesla was asked by Time Magazine why he chose 60 cycles

          per second as the alternating current frequency for

          electricity.   Tesla's response was that he was not

          the one who chose this frequency.

          Time Magazine then asked Mr.Tesla if it was not him

          who chose 60 cycles per second then who was it.  Tesla's

          response was that a SPACE ALIEN told him that 60 cycles

          per second was the frequency for the maximum transfer

          of energy over long distances.

          60 Cycles per second is also even multiples of HUMAN

          BRAINWAVE FREQUENCIES which occur between 35 cycles

          per second and 5 cycles per second.   60 cycle per

          second AC electricity is used to download data to your

          subconcsciousness while you are sleeping.  Our reptilian

          friends are that desperate.

          It was President Franklin Roosevelt who personally asked

          Nikola Tesla to become involved in PROJECT INVISIBILITY

          otherwise known as the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT with

          others such as Dr.John von Neumann and Albert Einstein.

          Preliminary studies for PROJECT INVISIBILITY were done


          Tesla was appalled when it was discovered that human

          beings were going to be placed on board the ship that

          was to be catapulted into hyperspace.

          The HISTORY CHANNEL has done dozens of episodes on this.

          What the HISTORY CHANNEL misses is the simple fact that

          in BLACK PROJECTS there are always duplicates to throw

          off researchers.  There was not one ELDRIDGE but two.

          Just like the NAZI'S created not one U-530 but three

          U-530's.  Again to throw off researchers and intelligence


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