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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Iranian President's Letter to Bush: A Sincere Olive Branch

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The letter to President Bush by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an earnest follower of "prophet Jesus," is a sincere olive branch. But the ("non-existent") Israeli lobby will not allow Bush to embrace it or even discuss it fairly.

Here we are, allied with Israelis who despise Christ, while seeking to nuke a nation that holds Him in highest esteem. Somewhere in hell, the devil is laughing.

The best English translation of Ahmadinejad's letter is here:

It is smudged and difficult to read in parts, but it is uncensored, whereas the English translation widely quoted in the establishment media is excerpted from an incomplete text at the Le Monde website in France (linked to and touted by the New York Times on its website on May 9 and 10, 2006). Le Monde's version in English is here:
http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/0,[EMAIL PROTECTED],36-769886,0.html  

The Le Monde version has been redacted. Here are examples. A portion of Le Monde's English translation of President Ahmadinejad's letter, recommended by the New York Times and most of the media:

"I point out that throughout the many years of the...war on Iran Saddam was supported by the West."

Here is what the Iranian President actually wrote:

"I point out that throughout the many years of the imposed war on Iran, Saddam was supported by the West."

The word "imposed" has been omitted because it suggests that Saddam started the war with the Islamic Republic of Iran (which is true) and that the war that was imposed upon Iran by Saddam was supported by the West (i.e. the Reagan administration --also true).

Another example of Le Monde's faulty English translation, quoted throughout the US media:

"The lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed and on the slight chance of the … of a … criminals in a village city, or convoy for example the entire village, city or convey set ablaze."

Here is what the Iranian President actually wrote:

The lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed and on the slight chance of the presence of a few criminals in a village, city, or convoy for example, the entire village, city or convoy set ablaze."

One useful aspect of the censorship is that we have prima facie evidence of what the Cryptocracy most fears; in this passage, the revelation of America's tactic of collective punishment of civilians, exactly what the Nazis were excoriated for in their retaliation against terrorist acts on the part of Communist partisans and the French Resistance. In the American version of this war crime, entire Muslim villages, cities and convoys are incinerated for Talmudic motives. 

The White House under Bush is Talmudic in thought, word and deed. In the eyes of the US government (not just among Israelis), the Arabs and Muslims are not human beings, they are "Amalek." 

Those who know little or nothing of Moses Hess and how he planted an Old Testament-hating meme in the German extreme right that preceded and shaped Hitler, will blame this modern Amalek identification on the Old Testament. But note bene, Yahweh in the Old Testament declared that He would "blot out the memory of Amalek forever." (Exodus 17:14). It is the rabbis in their sacred praxis, in defiance of God, who keep the memory of Amalek alive. This is a crucial point.

In 2004, a group of esteemed rabbis, heads of yeshivas from the West Bank and the Yesha Rabbinical Council, as well as Yuval Sharlo, a head of a yeshiva in Petah Tikva , Eliezer Melamed, the head of Har Bracha yeshiva; Haim Druckman, the head of the Bnei Akiva religious youth group; Rabbi Sholom Elyashiv, inspired by the late Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, Rabbi Mordehai Eliyahu, Chabad Lubavitch rabbis, the Bostoner Rebbe, Arlou Rebbe, Sanz Rebbe, and the Pikuah Nefesh rabbinic organization, issued a public call to the Israeli government to escalate its destruction of civilians in the occupied territories, even at the cost of innocent Arab lives, declaring that "the Israeli army should show less regard for the welfare of the Palestinian civilians" if "terrorists are hiding in their midst," i.e. in a village, city or convoy (cf. Haaretz, Sept. 7, 2004).

The rabbis issued their order not only to the Israeli army but to the US armed forces and its Commander-in-chief, through the Orthodox Judaic neo-cons surrounding Bush.

This is why Le Monde and the New York Times, together with numerous other media who will quote from the Le Monde translation of the Iranian leader's letter, will not publish the Iranian letter as it was written. To do so would be to reveal the degree to which anger at US war crimes is perfectly appropriate and legitimate, but more importantly, the fact that those war crimes have as their root, the exterminationist philosophy of Talmudic, rabbinic killers.

Ahmadinejad seems to be a sincere admirer of Jesus Christ, whereas Bush is a Skull and Bones mocker of Jesus and a sincere believer in the rabbis of the Babylonian Talmud. America under Bush is becoming the Babylon warned of in the book of Revelation, and one goal of our hidden masters has been to gain control of the territory of ancient Babylon (Iraq) at the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude, so that the mass ritual murder of "sub-human" Arabs ("Amalek") could serve as a human sacrifice offered to the hidden god of the rabbis and the 33rd degree Freemasons, the Lord of the Flies.

The identification of Arabs and Muslims as a group that must be exterminated, permeates the corridors of the American elite.  Steven I. Weiss reported in March of 2006 that Conservative Rabbi Jack Riemer "suggested in a recent Torah commentary that Islamic fundamentalists be classified as 'Amalek,' an evil nation that the Bible marks for extermination. 'I am becoming convinced that Islamic fundamentalism, or, as some people prefer to call it, Islamo-fascism, is the most dangerous force that we ever have faced and that it is worthy of the name: Amalek,' Riemer wrote in a sermon that he e-mailed to Conservative rabbis in advance of the Sabbath, which started February 10 (2006). Riemer is a widely cited author in Conservative circles. In 1998 his translation of Ecclesiastes was read by President Bill Clinton during the National Prayer Breakfast." (End quote from Steven I. Weiss). 

The US kills Arab civilians in Iraq via "collateral" damage, as outlined by the President of Iran ("on the slight chance of the presence of a few criminals in a village, city, or convoy for example, the entire village, city or convoy set ablaze") and by false flag operations conducted by its special ops forces. Some of the terror bombings carried out against civilian targets in Iraq may have actually been perpetrated by U.S. and British forces rather than by Iraqi "insurgents," in part as a means of fomenting civil war. According to researcher Michael Keefer:

"...events in Basra have raised suspicions that the British army may have reactivated these same (false flag) tactics in Iraq. Articles published by Michel Chossudovsky, Larry Chin and Mike Whitney at the Centre for Research on Globalization's website on September 20, 2005 have offered preliminary assessments of the claims of Iraqi authorities that two British soldiers in civilian clothes who were arrested by Iraqi police in Basra on September 19...had been engaged in planting bombs in the city...as part of a US-UK sponsored civil war" in Iraq.

Keefer further observes; " There is reason to believe, moreover, that the open civil war which car-bomb attacks on civilians seem intended to produce would not be an unwelcome development in the eyes of the occupation forces...Israeli strategists and journalists proposed as long ago as 1982 that one of their country's strategic goals should be the partitioning of Iraq into a Shiite state, a Sunni state, and a separate Kurdish part. Cf. foreign ministry official Oded Yinon's "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s," Kivunim 14 (February 1982). A similar proposal put forward by Ze'ev Schiff in Ha'aretz in the same month is noted by Noam Chomsky in "Fateful Triangle" (South End Press, 1999, p. 457). A partitioning of Iraq into sections defined by ethnicity and by Sunni-Shia differences would entail, obviously enough, both civil war and ethnic cleansing on a massive scale. But these considerations did not deter Leslie H. Gelb from advocating in the New York Times, on November 25, 2003, what he called 'The Three-State Solution.' Gelb, a former senior State Department and Pentagon official, a former editor and columnist for the New York Times, and president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, is an insider's insider."

One thing is certain, the lives of the Arab masses are meaningless to the US government. As Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzsburg has said, "Jewish blood is redder." No village or convoy full of Judaics could be killed anywhere for any reason without massive US retaliation and an outcry from the "European community" that would shake the earth. It is one thing to say that killing Arabs and Muslims is "business as usual." Many Americans don't care. But it is a matter on a much higher order of magnitude and alarm to precisely trace this business of killing to the rabbis and their unique religion which sanctions the destruction of so many and varied species of gentile.

What the Iranian president was trying to say is that no Christian could sanction such destruction, but his letter is being dismissed almost without discussion. The "Boston Globe" derides it as "fundamentalism," presumably because it looks to Jesus Christ rather than Sigmund Freud. One of the main points of President Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush is that western-style liberalism has failed; that we must work together for the governance of the earth by Jesus Christ. Bush's religious zealotry stems from his handlers within Orthodox Judaism who push not for rule by Jesus, but governance under their interpretation of the "Noachide Laws," in which the worship of Christ constitutes "idolatry," a crime punishable by death. This is Bush's "fundamentalism," a crazy Judaic fundamentalism, not a decent Christian faith, a distinction lost on the "Boston Globe." 

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has admitted she condemned Ahmadinejad's letter even before a translation had been made available to her: http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/Condoleeza_Rice_admits_she_responded_to_0509.html  

Such an admission on the part of a high US official is a public display of barbarism, contempt and ignorance. This is the currency in which the President of Iran is repaid for his respectful letter containing both cautious admonition and a desire for friendship based on a pursuit of truth. 

But of course, high and mighty American officials, with the US treasury and the blood of America's boys and girls at their unlimited disposal, do not entertain letters from "Amalekites," even if doing so would bring a modicum of peace and justice to the world. The White House policy is war forever with "Islamo-fascists" (i.e. "Amalek" Arab and Muslim civilians), as the Orthodox rabbis and their neo-con serevants have decreed. President Ahmadinejad is trying to shatter this rabbinic enslavement through reason, dialogue and discussion. But all he is likely to get for his effort is a bunker-busting super bomb, soon to be tested in the desert outside Las Vegas.

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