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ISSD Conference November 11, 2006 - Workshop FA11 (½) Ritual abuse as a mitigating factor in dissociative disorders (All) Randy Noblitt, PhD, George F. Rhoades, PhD, Dana Raphael, PhD, Thorsten Becker, SW, Frances R. Yoeli, MSc, MFT, CAC, LISW  http://www.issd.org/Conference2006/2006friday.htm
Surfing the Web with nothing but brainwaves - Kiss your keyboard goodbye: Soon we'll jack our brains directly into the Net - and that's just the beginning. By Chris Taylor, Business 2.0 Magazine senior editor  7/24/06 "San Francisco (Business 2.0 Magazine) Two years ago, a quadriplegic man started playing video games using his brain as a controller. That may just sound like fun and games for the unfortunate, but really, it spells the beginning of a radical change in how we interact with computers - and business will never be the same. Someday, keyboards and computer mice will be remembered only as medieval-style torture devices for the wrists. All work - emails, spreadsheets, and Google searches - will be performed by mind control." http://money.cnn.com/2006/07/21/technology/googlebrain0721.biz2/
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