-Caveat Lector-

To:  Fellow Survivors of Extreme Abuse and Their Advocates
From:  Carol Rutz 
An untold number of persons who survived extreme abuse including  ritual 
abuse, cult abuse, sexual abuse, clergy abuse, mind control, torture,  etc. and 
a result developed posttraumatic conditions such as DID have been  ignored 
too long and further injured by their inability to find quality mental  health 
providers who recognize their symptoms and have the expertise to help  them. If 
you have been unable to find a safe way to find and use your voice, now  is 
your opportunity to do a completely anonymous survey that may affect a change  
in the way we are perceived by an uniformed public as well as by some 
skeptical  mental health professionals.  
I am pleased to be part of a research  team from the United States and 
Germany that has developed a survey designed to  explore commonalities reported 
survivors from around the world regarding: 1.  Types of abuse/violence/tortures 
to which they have been  subjected.
2. Aftereffects of extreme abuse which they  have experienced.
3. Methods of healing that have been  most effective for them.
The survey, available in both English and  German, is online at 
_http://extreme-abuse-survey.net/_ (http://extreme-abuse-survey.net/) .
If  you are a survivor, I invite you to respond to the survey titled, "An  
International Survey of Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse" and to make your  
survivor friends aware of this opportunity.  If you are a professional who  
with trauma survivors, please tell them about the survey and suggest their  
The results of the survey will be widely disseminated on the  World Wide Web, 
offered in press releases, and published in an edited academic  book. A 
second survey will be available shortly for completion by  
therapists/counselors/clergy who work professionally with adult survivors of  
extreme abuse. 

CTRL is a discussion & informational exchange list. Proselytizing propagandic
screeds are unwelcomed. Substance—not soap-boxing—please!   These are
sordid matters and 'conspiracy theory'—with its many half-truths, mis-
directions and outright frauds—is used politically by different groups with
major and minor effects spread throughout the spectrum of time and thought.
That being said, CTRLgives no endorsement to the validity of posts, and
always suggests to readers; be wary of what you read. CTRL gives no
credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.

Let us please be civil and as always, Caveat Lector.
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