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July 23, 2007 -- U.S. Court involved in evidence disposal in Omaha
publication date: Jul 23, 2007
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July 23, 2007 -- U.S. Court involved in evidence disposal in Omaha

According to information sent to WMR, former Nebraska Republican state Senator John DeCamp, a Vietnam war colleague of deceased former CIA director William Colby, reports that the U.S. District court in Omaha recently notified him that they were going to turn over all records from the Franklin Community Credit Union scandal to the Omaha police department for "disposal/destruction."

In another sign that Bush's unitary executive is engulfing the judicial branch of the government, the records of what became a huge embarrassment for the Bush senior administration, with reports of child prostitutes linked to the Franklin financial and reported sex scandal being taken on midnight tours of the Bush White House (as reported on the front page of the Washington Times), are now fair game for destruction.

Although Wikipedia refers to the Franklin cover-up as a "hoax," this editor can report that the Bush senior administration was deeply involved in covering up pedophilia by senior officials of the White House, Congress, intelligence agencies, and U.S. military.

DeCamp notified Noreen Gosch, whose 12 year old son Johnny was kidnapped in 1982 from a Des Moines street, of the decision by the federal court to dispose of the records in the Franklin case. Noreen Gosch later learned that her son was kidnapped into a ring of child prostitutes that were used to entertain and blackmail politicians and other influential leaders.

Lawrence King, a rising star in GOP politics, was sued in 1999 in federal court by Paul Bonacci, claiming compensatory damages. Bonacci charged that King was part of a network, with links to the Bush White House, that engaged in child sexual abuse, Satanic rituals, and mind control.

King did not contest the charges and a federal judge awarded Bonacci $900,000 in damages. King was convicted and imprisoned on unrelated fraud charges related to Franklin Credit Union.

The 1980s witnessed a major covert pedophilia network operating inside the Reagan-Bush administration. This editor worked as an undercover special agent for the FBI and Naval Investigative Service in 1982 and helped expose a pedophilia network that was later reported by the FBI to reach "all the way into the White House." In the Navy, the pedophile network was facilitated by a Christian group known as the Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF).

Today, the OCF has strong connections to the Arlington, Virginia- based Fellowship Foundation (as does almost every group that has the word "Fellowship" in its name), a wealthy group of lobbyists and politicians, who support mostly Republicans. However, Hillary Clinton is on record stating that the Fellowship's leader, Douglas Coe, is her "spiritual mentor."

In fact, a principal indicted and convicted in the Navy pedophile scandal stated that the group he represented consisted of "lawyers, judges, clergymen, high-ranking military officers, politicians, and other important people" who looked out for one another because what they were involved in required the ultimate "trust," that all stood on the edge of being discovered and prosecuted.

A documentary on the Franklin cover-up was spiked by the Discovery Channel after pressure was brought to bear on the cable network by powerful GOP political forces linked to the sex scandal. The major reporters for the Washington Times who uncovered the sex scandal continue to stand by their story.

altruist (Austin)
What else would you expect from an administration that gave gay male prostitute Jeff Gannonn (James Guckert)a WHITE HOUSE PRESS PASS under an ALIAS? An ALIAS!! Have you seen the softball lickspittle supplicant questions this guy asked Bush? He couldn't have been more of a toady.

    How did the Christian right look the other way on that one?

Bill Wade (Exeter)
and John Mark Karr gets the champagne flight back from Bangkok. I rmember when Atty Gen Gonzales first came under the serious gun and said "I'm staying to protect the children". Is that a meesage to the population at large, I don't think so.

Karen Murphy (Lansdowne,)
I'm confused about the 5th paragraph which mentions Franklin being sued, and then something about King. Are these the same person (an alias?) or is this a typo? - Thanks!

Wayne Madsen
    Franklin should have read "King" -- corrected

Brisa (Galena, IL)
This is how powerful people are brought into line. Get some dirt on them and then squeeze. Blackmail and extortion appear to be how the game is played these days. The answer is to throw them all out.

    No incumbents in 2008.

Brisa (Galena, IL)
This is how powerful people are brought into line. Get some dirt on them and then squeeze. Blackmail and extortion appear to be how the game is played these days. The answer is to throw them all out.

    No incumbents in 2008.

Anonymous (Peoria)

Thanks for your confirmation about the hoax. Can never tell whether to trust Wikipedia unless I know for sure it's wrong.

For example, in its entry on Orrin Hatch it implies that Hatch did a hatchet job on Title VIII, the federal law that governs housing discrimination, in either the early eighties or nineties.

In fact, in contradistinction to Wikipedia, at the time, Congress had just amended Title VIII to allow attorney's fees for recovering plaintiffs. This provided a big impetus for some civil rights firms to try cases and to go for cases of first impression.

In one noteworthy example, an urban renewal plan was struck down on the basis of race discrimination. Prior to that, case law under Title VIII had concerned, in the main, discrimination in housing rental or purchase scenarios.

Thus, when Wikipedia hints that Hatch was weakening Title VIII, in fact, in some noteworthy ways, Congress and plaintiffs' lawyers were each giving Title VIII more teeth.

Susan Modikoane (Houston/TX)

The Sage Project is a group started by a child exploitation survivor to help others exit the group.

The stories I've heard about (The Trance Formation of America) and the victim I saw interviewed on television all seem to have stories about these high level sex-slave rings that seem to match.

Has there been anymore information on the slaves that were being held beneath the casinos in Las Vegas?

Anonymous (Peoria)
Should add that some think that Code Pink has been infiltrated heavily. Even at the top ranks.

Anonymous (Peoria)
whoops. that comment about Code Pink is supposed to go to the post where infiltration of anti-war groups et al. is.

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