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* Vigilant Shield: JFCOM, NORAD to drill martial law during TOPOFF4
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>From the U.S. military's NORTHCOM factsheet

"North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command along
with U.S. Pacific Command, the Department of Homeland Security as well as
local, state and other federal responders will exercise their response
abilities against a variety of potential threats during Exercise Vigilant
Shield '08, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-designated, North
American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Northern Command
(USNORTHCOM)-sponsored, and U.S. Joint Forces Command-supported Department
of Defense exercise for homeland defense and defense support of civil
authorities missions.

VS-08 will be conducted concurrent with Top Officials 4 (TOPOFF 4), the
nation's premier exercise of terrorism preparedness sponsored by the
Department of Homeland Security, and several other linked exercises as part
of the National Level Exercise 1-08. These linked exercises will take place
October 15-20 and are being conducted throughout the United States and in
conjunction with several partner nations including Australia, Canada, and
the United Kingdom, as well as the Territory of Guam.

VS-08 and National Level Exercise 1-08 will provide local, state, tribal,
interagency, Department of Defense, and non-governmental organizations and
agencies involved in homeland security and homeland defense the opportunity
to participate in a full range of exercise scenarios that will better
prepare participants to prevent and respond to national crises. The
participating organizations will conduct a multi-layered, civilian-led
response to a national crisis.

USNORTHCOM's primary exercise venues for VS-08 include locations in Oregon,
Arizona and a cooperative venue with USPACOM in the Territory of Guam.
NORAD's aerospace detection and defense events will take place across all
the exercise venues, to exercise the ability to mobilize resources for
aerospace defense, aerospace control, maritime warning, and coordination of
air operations in a disaster area. [...]

Exercise VIGILANT SHIELD Objectives:
· Demonstrate multiagency, multijurisdictional unity of effort in support of
a civilian-led response to a national crisis through collaboration with
local, state, and federal responders to a series of catastrophic events.
· Reinforce operational and strategic relationships between USNORTHCOM and
Department of Homeland Security.
· Provide an opportunity for local, state, and federal leaders to conduct
and lead response efforts within their state including the use of state
assets, emergency management assistance agreements, and support from federal
resources, including active duty military forces.
· Assess NORAD and USNORTHCOM assigned units in the execution of homeland
defense and defense support of civil authorities missions.
· Evaluate NORAD and USNORTHCOM staff implementation of Concept Plans to
include effects-based approach planning and operations to protect the
homeland from missile attack.
· Provide continuous Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment to
all agencies, via NORAD.
· Evaluate various combatant commands' operational coordination.
· Develop U.S. government strategic communication themes and objectives to
ensure that all exercise agencies communicate with one synchronized voice.
· Exercise USNORTHCOM's Ballistic Missile Defense planning and operations to
create a
seamless coordination of control between combatant commands.
· Provide USNORTHCOM opportunities to exercise defense support of civil
authorities in the execution of Department of Defense Chemical, Biological,
Radiological, Nuclear, or High-yield Explosive response plans and coordinate
AntiTerrorism/ Force Protection activities.
· Deploy USNORTHCOM's Mobile Consolidated Command Center.
· Conduct interagency and Department of Defense expanded maritime
interception operations, maritime domain awareness, maritime warning and
maritime operational threat response.


Let's hope that if anyone in NORAD or JFCOM plan to "go live" into a false
flag with space-based or other assets that geopolitical forces opposed to
further World War can stop them.

Express your concern!

Some numbers for NORAD:

NORAD Public Affairs (719) 554-3525
General Inquiries (719) 554-6889
Media Relations (719) 554-9618



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