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Senator Hillary Clinton ( New York ) - Although not a native New Yorker, Ms. 
Clinton has taken on the toughness of one on the ANWR issue. "The answer to our 
energy challenge does not lie under the plains of the Arctic Refuge, but in the 
minds that are ingenious in America ." Clinton goes on, "I continue to oppose 
drilling in the Arctic Refuge because it would damage a pristine wilderness but 
do almost nothing to decrease our oil dependence or reduce energy costs. 
Instead, we need to pursue a sustainable energy policy that cuts our oil 
dependence by developing new fuels and more efficient vehicles, like the 
'plug-in' hybrids that promise dramatic increases in fuel economy." Senator 
Clinton has rallied with the likes of Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Maria Cantwell 
on directly blocking ANWR legislation. Senator Clinton is vociferously against 
exploration for oil and gas pretty much nationwide. Instead falling back to the 
familiar cry for renewable resources, higher CAFE standards and bio-fuels. If 
we were to rank the presidential candidates on ANWR Clinton would be close to 
the bottom of the pile. The League of Conservation Voters gives Clinton an 
outstanding score of 90 on the green-o-meter, making her one of Alaska 's 
biggest resource development foes. Senator Clinton proposes a Strategic Energy 
Fund stating, " by taking money away from the oil companies, by giving them the 
choice to invest in renewable energy or pay into the fund. We would take away 
their tax subsidies as well, and we would use this fund to create a 
clean-energy industry and millions of jobs in America ." On other energy 
alternatives, Clinton is big on wind, solar, and bio-fuels, but negative on 
coal and nuclear. It is interesting to know Clinton has traveled to and worked 
in Alaska although temporarily, and considers it a wonderful accomplishment in 
her life. For more on Clinton and energy see: 

New York produces roughly 300,000 barrels of oil per year and 19 million cf of 
natural gas a year. This is a mere drop in the national bucket yet New York is 
a big producer of refined petroleum products and is the largest supplier in the 
Northeast (and the largest supply hub in America ). The Empire State is almost 
entirely reliant on imports of oil and gas to do so. New York , along with its 
NE neighbors, is heavily dependent on fuel oil for heating homes and is a 
subscriber of the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve, a smaller version of the 
Strategic Petroleum Reserve. NY is one of the largest hydroelectric producers 
in the eastern US, but produces almost no solar or wind power. New York uses 
four nuclear reactors which supply most of its electricity. New Yorkers have 
one of the lowest energy consumption per capita levels (due to high number of 
apartment dwellers and high use of mass transit), and yet the state is one of 
the largest consumers of energy due to its refining and manufacturing industry. 
Boutique fuels are mandated in the Big Apple and other urban centers. 

For more info on New York 's energy use see: 

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