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Wanda Karriker's Amazon Review of "Switching  Time."                          
THE WORLD WILL KNOW!!  With the publication of this book, the WORLD  WILL 
KNOW more about the aftereffects of extreme abuse and the resiliency of the  
human spirit. Dr. Baer stands brave and tall and articulate in a field of  
controversy surrounding the reality of satanic ritual abuse, the credibility  
repressed memories, and claims that therapists plant false memories of  abuse 
their patients. Although some of his peers may disagree with his  observation 
that Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple  Personality 
Disorder) is rare, or criticize his way of directing therapy, in the  end it is 
his patient, Karen, (a survivor of extreme abuse including  child  
pornography, child prostitution, and satanic ritual abuse suffered at  the  
hands of her 
father and his buddies), who should judge the effectiveness of her  therapy 
and she does when she writes: "'Switching Time' is an accurate  description of 
what I suffered and experienced"(p.342). In the throws of an  apparently 
organized effort by accused perpetrators and their supporters in  academia and 
media to destroy therapists who work with the Karens of the  world, (which in 
turn demeans survivors and their truths) Dr. Baer presents  exactly what the 
book's subtitle promises. Perhaps the publication of this book  will trigger 
"Switching Time" in responsible journalists and motivate them to  write stories 
and conduct interviews with persons who will expose the truth  about what has 
come to be called "false memory syndrome." Wanda Karriker, Ph.D.  Author: 
Morning, Come Quickly. A novel about horror, hard-struggling, hope, and  
for survivors of extreme abuse. ASIN:0615136699 Morning, Come  Quickly]]  

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