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13abc is learning disturbing details of a letter, which set the Father  
Robinson case into motion - Father Robinson trial WTVG--October 29, 2007 - 
Father Robinson's attorney works on his appeal, for the first time we are  
learning disturbing details of a letter, which set the cold case into motion.  
Last year, a jury found Gerald Robinson guilty of murdering Sister Margaret Ann 
Pahl in 1980. It was a letter to the Toledo Diocesan review board from June 
2003  that sparked investigators to re-open the case. It is a letter filled 
 bizarre accounts of ritualistic sexual abuse at the hands of members of the  
Catholic Church, including priests. Mark Davis is an attorney representing  
another unknown client who alleges similar abuse by other priests and is suing  
the Toledo Catholic Diocese. Mark Davis says, "The group purposely makes it 
so  bizarre that a child is not believable and they can escape and get away 
with  these activities." In one case, a woman says when she was five she was 
taken to  the Calvary Cemetery and put into a coffin-like pine box with 
cockroaches.  Another time, she describes being taken to an abandoned house on 
Raab Road 
to  take part in satanic activities. The letter also claims much of the 
sexual abuse  took part at St. Pius and the rituals were horrifying and 
COURT OF COMMON PLEAS LUCAS COUNTY, OHIO Survivor Doe ) Case No. a  protected 
identity ) c/o Mark A. Davis ) [Honorable ] The Davis Law Office, LLC  ) 500 
Madison Avenue, Ste 525 ) Toledo, Ohio 43604 ) COMPLAINT; JURY DEMAND; )  
MILITARY AFFIDAVIT; AND and ) PRAECIPE ) Spouse Doe ) a protected identity ) 
Mark A. Davis ) The Davis Law Office, LLC ) 500 Madison Avenue, Ste 525 )  
Toledo, Ohio 43604 ) ) Plaintiffs )) v. )) Gerald Robinson ) 2401 Nebraska )  
Toledo, Ohio 43607 ) and ) ) Mark A. Davis (0070983) ) The Davis Law Office, 
Gerald “Jerry” Mazuchowski ) 500 Madison Avenue, Ste 525 2812 Chestnut ) 
Toledo,  Ohio 43604 Toledo, Ohio 43608-2462 ) Telephone: (419) 297-5088 ) 
Facsimile:  (419) 710-0008 and ) Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
(mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED])  ) Attorney for  Plaintiffs 2 Diocese of Toledo ) 
1933 Spielbusch Avenue ) 
Toledo, Ohio  43620-1616 )) and ) ) St. Adalbert Parish and School ) 3248 
Warsaw St. ) Toledo,  OH 43608 ) ) and ) ) Oblates of St Francis ) De Sales Inc 
c/o statutory agent  James Cryan )  2056 Parkwood Avenue ) Toledo , Oh 
43620-1616 ) ) and ) )  John and Jane Does 1-15 ) ) and ) ) Catholic Entity 
Does 1-5 
) Now comes  Plaintiff, by and through counsel, and for their complaint, 
states and   avers as follows: Parties, Jurisdiction and Venue 1. At all times 
material,  Plaintiffs Survivor Doe and Spouse Doe are husband and wife living 
residing  in Lucas County, Ohio. Survivor Doe is the victim of clerical 
ritual and sexual  abuse which occurred during her years as a minor....  
Ritual Abuse Statistics & Research  - NUMBERS OF SURVIVORS A  single survivor 
advocate reports direct contact with more than 3,000 survivors.  [ StarDancer 
as quoted by David McCulley, Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Question of  Memory, 
1993] CORRECTION: During Personal conversation with StarDancer for  update and 
verification, she stated, "I would feel comfortable saying I’ve met  or spoken 
with more than 1,000 people who identify themselves as survivors…Our  estimate 
of the people who have read and used Survivorship is 3,000."  I  talked to one 
of the leaders in the Los Angeles County Task Force on Ritual  Abuse, who 
estimate that there have been more than a hundred California  preschools 
implicated in ritual abuse. [James Friesen, Uncovering the Mystery of  MPD, 
....At a 1991 Utah workshop, thirty-two mental health therapists  reported 
treating 360 separate survivors of ritual abuse. By early 1992 the  following 
statement had been signed by sixty-six Utah therapists: "We, the  undersigned 
health professional, have each heard memories of ritual abuse  recounted by 
some patients, as have therapists across the nation. We believe  these 
 allegations to have basis in fact. We are dismayed by  accusations that 
therapists brainwash their patients or collude to create a  mental health 
where none existed. We urge our public officials to take  appropriate actions 
to counter ritual crimes." The names on the signed petition,  affirming the 
above statement, are given in the 1992 report of the Utah  Governor’’s Task 
Force on Ritual Abuse. [A. Horton, B. Harrison & B.  Johnson, editors, 
Confronting Abuse, 1993] _http://home.mchsi.com/~ftio/ra-stats.htm_ 
Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces By Daniel Ryder, CCDC, LSW 

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