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Ritual Abuse and Mind Control : Research and Advocacy
presentation at  the Male Survivor Conference - John Jay College, New York, 
NY -10/27/07 
This  is an updated version of the presentation, updated 11/9/07.
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3rd Circuit Rejects RICO Claim Against Archdiocese  Shannon P.  Duffy  The 
Legal Intelligencer  November 7, 2007 Fourteen alleged  victims of sexual abuse 
by Catholic priests have lost their bid to revive a  civil anti-racketeering 
suit against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for its  alleged cover-up of the 
scandal. In its 14-page opinion in Magnum v. Archdiocese  of Philadelphia, a 
unanimous three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of  Appeals upheld a 
lower court's dismissal of the suit on the grounds that the  plaintiffs cannot 
show they suffered a RICO-style injury that was caused by the  cover-up.  The 
ruling affirms a November 2006 decision by U.S. District  Judge Legrome D. 
Davis who found that the RICO claims suffered from numerous  fatal flaws. Davis 
ruled that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue because  their alleged damages 
stemmed from personal injury claims, which are not  cognizable under RICO. He 
also found the plaintiffs could not plead proximate  cause and could not 
plead a RICO "enterprise" or "pattern of racketeering  activity." Now the 3rd 
Circuit has rejected the plaintiffs' appeal, finding that  the entire theory of 
the suit was flawed because it was premised solely on the  plaintiffs' alleged 
loss of the opportunity to bring personal injury claims  within the statute of 
limitations.  _http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1194343446106_ 

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