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*Military connection to latest mass-shooting psy-op?
*< http://www.total411.info/2007/12/military-connection-to-latest-mass.html>
<http://www.total411.info/uploaded_images/14783095_320X240-771886.jpg> Citizens
for Legitimate Government <http://legitgov.org/> has compiled the following
information from mainstream media reports regarding the mass shooting today
in Nebraska::

"*Photo Shows Man In Handcuffs <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22117150/>
Reports 35-40 Shots* 05 Dec 2007 A viewer photo shows a man in handcuffs
after shots were fired inside the Von Maur store at Westroads Mall on
Wednesday afternoon.

A description of the shooter, broadcast over scanners, was that h*e was in
an Army-green vest and was holding a rifle*. The viewer's photo showed a
young man in [Army] fatigues surrounded by police and apparently in
handcuffs. Police have not yet confirmed an arrest. It was reported by KETV
crews that the man in fatigues was found under a bus bench. KETV NewsWatch
7's Carol Kloss said she could see a man in cuffs and a black, hooded
sweatshirt surrounded by police.

*'Witnesses described the suspect as a man wearing Army fatigues or
camouflage.'* *[This reference has been purged from the New York Daily
Newsarticle, but Google retained the Army fatigues reference. That
reference has
disappeared quicker than snow in July.] 9 dead, including suspect, in Omaha
*05 Dec 2007 A rifle-toting gunman went on a holiday murder spree in a
crowded Nebraska mall Wednesday, killing eight shoppers. The killer,
identified as Robert Hawkins, 19, left behind a note promising to "go out in
style," Omaha television station KETV reported. His landlord told the
station that Hawkins... was depressed because he had been fired from a local
McDonald's. Hawkins, *his hair in a military buzz cut, was reportedly
wearing a camouflage vest and carrying a black backpack* when he walked into
the mall. It was the deadliest U.S. attack since a gunman left 32 people
dead on the Virginia Tech
April, and the second mass shooting at a mall this year. Five people
killed and four wounded at a Salt Lake City mall in February, when police
killed the gunman responsible.

*Two men arrested in military fatigues in shopping mall shooting spree
--'Guys dressed in camouflage, with guns, leaving a school bus, acting
suspiciously before the shooting. Earlier in December, a live grenade was
removed from this shopping mall... It was completely random -witness [the
shooting]' *(MSNBC live, 4:15PM EST 05 Dec 2007)



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