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Prosecutors file brief against overturning conviction of priest By  David 
Yonke Blade Religion Editor 12/15/07 The Lucas County Prosecutor's Office  
an 80-page brief yesterday detailing its reasons why Toledo priest Gerald  
Robinson's murder conviction should not be overturned. The document, filed with 
Ohio's 6th District Court of Appeals, makes point-by-point rebuttals to  
arguments Robinson's attorneys made in August claiming the 69-year-old Catholic 
cleric did not receive a fair trial. Robinson was convicted in May, 2006, for  
the 1980 murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, a 71-year-old Catholic nun who was 
 strangled nearly to death, then stabbed 31 times. Her body was found in the  
sacristy, the room next to the chapel, in the former Mercy Hospital early on 
the  morning of April 5, 1980 - Holy Saturday. Robinson was a chaplain at 
Mercy and  lived in an apartment at the hospital at the time. He was arrested 
cold-case  detectives April 23, 2004, more than 24 years after the murder. 
After a  three-week trial in Lucas County Common Pleas Court, the priest was 
convicted of  murder May 11, 2006. He is serving a 15-years-to-life sentence at 
Hocking  Correctional Facility in southern Ohio....The prosecutor's office said 
Robinson's appeals attorneys made numerous errors that were either "factually  
untrue," "misleading," "totally unsupported by the record," "fantastical," or 
 "fiction."....The prosecutor said though some witnesses have died since the 
1980  murder and were therefore unavailable to testify, Robinson "had every  
opportunity to take the witness stand and tell the jurors anything that he felt 
 was relevant to, contradictory of, or explanatory of any false accusations," 
the  prosecutor's office said. The priest did not testify. The state never 
closed its  investigation of Sister Margaret Ann's death, the prosecutor's 
office said, but  the case gained new interest in 2003 after a Toledo Catholic 
accused  Robinson "of sadomasochistic sexual abuse." 

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